Oxygen Therapies in Veterinary Medicine
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Oxygen Therapies (especially Ozone Therapy) in Veterinary Medicine is not new.

Animals have a lot of pathology which can be superimposed to human being diseases, moreover, there are no placebo effects in Veterinary Medicine.

This area has been created to encourage those using Oxygen Therapies in Veterinary Medicine to share information not only with each other, but everyone in the Oxygen Therapy community.

In 1997, Prof. Paolo Scrollavezza and his colleagues presented the paper Ozone Treatment and Blood Lactate Variation after Thoroughbred Racehorses. This paper was presented at the World Equine Veterinary Association Mondial Congress.

In 1997 in Havana, Cuba, Prof. Paolo Scrollavezza and his colleagues presented their research paper named Ozone Treatment in Mastitis, Metritis and Retention of Fetal Membranes in the Dairy Cow.

In July 2000, Japan researchers successfully used ozone therapy and documented their findings in the paper Intramammary application of ozone therapy to acute clinical mastitis in dairy cows.

Veterinarians Using Oxygen Therapies

If you are or know of someone in the Veterinary Medicine field using Oxygen Therapies, please pass their information on to us so that they may be added to our list.


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