OxyFile #644

AU  - Guerra Veranes X
AU  - Limonta N·poles Y
AU  - Contrera HechavarrĖa I
AU  - Freyre Luque R
AU  - MartĖnez Blanco C

TI  - The nurse's work in the application of ozone therapy in 
      retinitis pigmentosa. January-May 1996

AB  - A descriptive and prospective study of 73 patients suffering 
      from retinitis pigmentosa, who were attended at the Provincial 
      Center of Retinitis Pigmentosa, in Santiago de Cuba, from 
      January to May, 1996, was conducted aimed at emphasizing 
      the nurse's role in the application of ozonotherapy. There 
      are different ways to administer this gast: autohemotherapy,
      intramuscular, artrectal insufflation. The information 
      obtained was manually processed and percentage was used 
      as a summary measure. The predominance of young and male 
      patients is among the main results. Most of the patients 
      were in stage II and III of the disease, and the rectal 
      administration of ozone was the most used. This last aspect 
      shows the significance of the nurse-patient relationship,
      which contributed decisively to the acceptance of rectal 
      administration that was rejected by a great number of patients.

MH  - Oxidants, Photochemical|*TU
MH  - Ozone|*TU
MH  - Retinitis Pigmentosa|CL/*DT/*NU/PX
SO  - Rev Cubana Enferm 1998 May; 14(2):99-102
DP  - 1998 May
TA  - Rev Cubana Enferm
PG  - 99-102
IP  - 2
VI  - 14
UI  - 99132994