OxyFile #642

AU  - Di Paolo N
AU  - Bocci V
AU  - Garosi G
AU  - Borrelli E
AU  - Bravi A
AU  - Bruci A
AU  - Aldinucci C
AU  - Capotondo L

TI  - Extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO) in 
      man. preliminary report.

AB  - Autohemotherapy with ozone has been used for four decades 
      with encouraging results but, owing to the lack of clinical 
      studies, it has never been adopted by orthodox medicine.
      Confident of the valid principles of ozone therapy, we 
      have endeavoured to increase its therapeutic efficacy. 
      Over a ten-year period we have developed an apparatus that 
      makes it possible to treat large quantities of blood with 
      ozone in extracorporeal circulation (extracorporeal blood 
      oxygenation and ozonation EBOO). One of us volunteered 
      to test the system and after six treatments noted the disappearance 
      of two lipomas. This prompted us to treat a patient with 
      Madelung disease and several patients with atherosclerotic 
      vasculopathy. Besides showing therapeutic effects, the 
      preliminary results indicate that EBOO is clinically valid,
      without side-effects and worthy of testing in various diseases.

MH  - Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation|*MT
MH  - Ozone|*TU
SO  - Int J Artif Organs 2000 Feb; 23(2):131-41
DP  - 2000 Feb
TA  - Int J Artif Organs
PG  - 131-41
IP  - 2
VI  - 23
UI  - 20203854