OxyFile #641

AU  - Ivanchenko SA

TI  - Ozone hemotherapy and the basal metabolic pathways of 
      body adaptation in gestoses

AB  - Changes in indices for the principle metabolic pathways 
      of bodily adaptation in gestoses were studied as were potentialities 
      of correction thereof with ozonohemotherapy. Revealed in 
      particular was an indirect influence of OHT on glycolysis 
      and gluconeogenesis together with a stimulatory action 
      on the activity of the key enzyme of the pentosephosphatic 
      pathway. Disturbances in the course of processes of glycolysis 
      and gluconeogenesis in the organism of the gestoses patients 
      warrant further study to work out options for a specific 
      correction of intracellular metabolism in the given pathology 
      and to prevent complications.

MH  - Adaptation, Physiological|*DE
MH  - Basal Metabolism|*DE
MH  - Blood|*DE
MH  - Gestosis, EPH|BL/*DT/PP
MH  - Ozone|*TU
SO  - Lik Sprava 1998 Jun; (4):149-50
DP  - 1998 Jun
TA  - Lik Sprava
PG  - 149-50
IP  - 4
UI  - 99000913