OxyFile #638

AU  - Glukhov AA
AU  - Shapovalova NV

TI  - Complex program of detoxication measures in terminal peritonitis 
      using ozone and hydropressive technologies

AB  - Different methods of ozone therapy and hydropressive technologies 
      were used in the treatment of acute diffuse peritonitis,
      including hydropressive sanitation of the abdominal cavity,
      intestinal ozone therapy, etc. These methods brought about 
      many good effects, improving the outcomes for this patient 
      population in general.

MH  - Oxidants, Photochemical|*AD
MH  - Ozone|*AD
MH  - Peritonitis|ET/SU/*TH
MH  - Sorption Detoxification|*
SO  - Anesteziol Reanimatol 1998 Nov; (6):56-8
DP  - 1998 Nov
TA  - Anesteziol Reanimatol
PG  - 56-8
IP  - 6
UI  - 99159246