OxyFile #636

AU  - Ivanchenko SA

TI  - The biochemical mechanisms of the metabolic disorders 
      in gestosis

AB  - The paper is concerned with disturbances in major metabolic 
      routes of bodily energy supply in patients with gestoses,
      such as glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, and pentosephosphate 
      route of production of nicotinamide coenzymes. Dysfunctional 
      breakages in the mechanisms of homeostasis maintenance,
      first of all, of adaptation systems in the obstetric pathology 
      under consideration are multiform and interrelated. In 
      addition, pathogenetical specificity of gestoses necessitates 
      a specific correction of intracellular metabolism in order 
      that complications might be prevented. Thus, promoting 
      artificial activation of the patient's body detoxifying 
      systems and optimization of blood functions by ways similar 
      to physiological mechanisms of regulation of homeostasis 
      is, according to the published literature, ozonohemotherapy 
      as an efferent method of detoxification.

MH  - Gestosis, EPH|*ME/TH
SO  - Lik Sprava 1999 Sep; (6):19-21
DP  - 1999 Sep
TA  - Lik Sprava
PG  - 19-21
IP  - 6
UI  - 20091877