OxyFile #631

AU  - Ivanchenko SA

TI  - Correction of the imbalance in the antioxidant protection 
      system of the body in patients with severe gestosis

AB  - The role has been studied of thiol compounds as indicators 
      of bodily antioxidant defence in patients with severe gestoses.
      A comprehensive evaluation was done of disorders in the 
      system lipid peroxidation/antioxidant defence, with effectiveness 
      of their correction with ozonohemotherapy and antioxidants 
      included into the conventional intensive therapy of patients 
      having been studied as well. The above therapy makes for 
      restoration of intracellular environment of erythrocytes 
      at the expense of maintenance and augmentation of the compensatory 
      reaction in respect of activation of the enzymic link of 
      the antioxidant defense in blood plasma of patients.

MH  - Antioxidants|*ME/TU
MH  - Gestosis, EPH|*BL/TH
SO  - Lik Sprava 1999 Jul; (5):113-6
DP  - 1999 Jul
TA  - Lik Sprava
PG  - 113-6
IP  - 5
UI  - 20282104