OxyFile #630

AU  - Ivanchenko SA

TI  - [Ozone hemo- and antioxidant therapy and endogenous intoxication 
      in gestosis]

AB  - The content was studied of the endogenous intoxication 
      syndrome markers (medium-size molecules) in red cells, 
      blood plasma and urine of patients with grave gestoses 
      in view of the fact that underestimation of the syndrome 
      considered tends to significantly narrow the broadness 
      of pathogenetic notions about the given pathology and to 
      negatively influence the effectiveness of intensive therapy 
      of patients. Besides, the problem gets more complicated 
      because of pathogenetic specificities of severe gestoses 
      (the use of the well-known methods of detoxication is made 
      difficult in the patients). Ozone hemotherapy as an efferent 
      method of detoxication and employment of antioxidant in 
      the complex of intensive therapy of patients with severe 
      gestoses make for lowering the degree of catabolic disturbances 
      by decreasing the level of medium-size molecules in erythrocytes,
      blood plasma and urine.

MH  - Antioxidants|*TU
MH  - Gestosis, EPH|ME/*TH
MH  - Ozone|*TU
MH  - Sepsis|ME/*TH
SO  - Lik Sprava 1999 Oct; (7-8):130-3
DP  - 1999 Oct
TA  - Lik Sprava
PG  - 130-3
IP  - 7-8
UI  - 20136673