OxyFile #628

J Vet Med Sci 2000 Jul;62(7):681-6

Intramammary application of ozone therapy to acute clinical 
mastitis in dairy cows.

Ogata A, Nagahata H

Nanbu Branch Station, Soya District Agricultural Mutual Aid
Association,Esashi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan.

The infusion of ozone into the inflamed quarter of cows with 
clinical mastitis was performed and the efficacy of ozone therapy 
was evaluated. Ozone was infused into the inflamed quarter via a 
teat canal using ozone gas generating equipment.

Nineteen Holstein cows with acute clinical mastitis were divided 
into two groups: 15 cows treated with ozone therapy, and 4 cows 
treated with antibiotic therapy. Systemic and local clinical 
signs, California Mastitis Test scores, the mastitis causing 
pathogens, electronic conductivity of milk, and somatic cell 
counts in milk from ozone- and antibiotic-treated quarters, were 
compared between the groups. Sixty percent (9/15) of cows with 
acute clinical mastitis treated with ozone therapy, did not 
require any antibiotics for recovery. This newly developed ozone 
therapy method was proven to be effective, safe, and cost 
effective, and carries no risk of drug residues in milk.

PMID: 10945283, UI: 20399380