OxyFile #626

AU  - Bulynin VI
AU  - Glukhov AA
TI  - [Treatment of peritonitis using ozone and hydropressive 
AB  - In the experiment on 144 mongrel dogs and 546 white rats 
      the methods of ozone therapy and hydropressive treatment 
      of the abdominal cavity have been worked out. These methods 
      were used in the treatment of 94 patients aged from 13 
      to 89 years with severe forms of acute peritonitis. The 
      control group consisted of 174 patients with peritonitis.
      A high antimicrobial effect was detected in the treatment 
      of the abdominal cavity with microdisperse stream of the 
      ozonated solution under pressure. After 1-2 procedures 
      of the intestinal ozone dialysis the number of microbial 
      bodies in the lumen of the small bowel in 65% of patients 
      has decreased 2-3 times, the terms of elimination of the 
      paresis has decreased 3-4 times, and more rapid dynamics 
      of elimination of the endogenous intoxication syndrome 
      was detected. The application of the developed programme 
      of curative measures promote lowering of the lethality 
      from 62.07% in the control group to 37.23%--in the test 

SO  - Khirurgiia (Mosk) 1999; (7):9-11
DP  - 1999
TA  - Khirurgiia (Mosk)
PG  - 9-11
UI  - 99388469