OxyFile #615

Effect of ozone therapy on hemostatic changes in patients with 
vascular atherosclerosis

Maslennikov OV; Sharov IG; Potekhina IP; Dushkina NG; 
Kryzhanovskaia NA; Maslennikova NO; Bolgov VF; Pavlovskaia EE; 
Zheglova LV; Chalkina SN 

Department of Ozonotherapy, Regional Medical Diagnostic Center, 
NizhniŽi Novgorod. 

Klin Med (Mosk), 1997, 75:10, 35-7 


Hemostatic changed induced by ozone therapy were studied in 81 
patients with atherosclerosis of different vessels in 81 patients. 
It was found that use of ozone-oxygen mixtures leads to 
hypocoagulatory changes (diminution of platelet aggregation, 
lowering of fibrinogen concentration, prolongation of activated 
partial thromboplastin time, enhanced fibrinolytic activity) which 
contribute to clinical response.