OxyFile #613

The efficacy of using ozone preparations in the combined treatment 
of paranasal sinusitis

Petrov GM; Kudriavtsev BP; Akulich II 

Voen Med Zh, 1996 Dec, 317:12, 26-8, 80 


In controllable study efficiency of application of ozone 
preparations in 39 patients with acute and chronic purulent 
maxillary polysinusitis was studied. Purulent maxillary sinusitis, 
which in 44% was combined with frontitis and in 56%--with fronto-
ethmoiditis was diagnosed in all patients. Besides traditional 
therapy all patients were washed out daily inflamed sinuses with 
0.9% solution of sodium chloride, saturated of ozone. After 
washing out the sinuses were aerated during 15-20 minutes through 
paracentesis needles and catheters with ozone-oxygen mixture, 
containing 6 mg/l of ozone. Speed of mixture flow--1 1/min. To the 
half of patient with phenomena of intoxication were introduced I/V 
400 ml of physiologic salt solution (ozone concentration--0.8 
mg/l). Treatment rate is 3-6 infusions. In patients pyorrhea and 
allocation of bacteria stopped 2-3 days earlier, than in control 
group, level of molecules of average weight was faster reduced to 
norm in the plasma of blood. Reduction of concentration of 
molecules of average weight corresponded to essential improvement 
of patient clinical condition (P < 0.01). Experience of ozone 
application testified about its high efficiency in paranasal 
sinusitis treatment.