OxyFile #609

Ozone Treatment in Retinitis Pigmentosa: Effect on Color Perception and 
Blood Gasses

Robert H. Marmer, MD, & Susan Parks, COA


For 15 consecutive days, 200 cc of blood were collected, mixed with 
ozone gas, and reinfused into a retinitis pigmentosa patient.  An 
arterial PO2 blood gas and a 100 Hue Farnsworth Color Perception test 
were performed before and after ozone administration.  An increase in 
the PO2 level and enhanced quality of color vision was documented.  
Duration of effect is estimated at four to six months.  IV 
administration of ozone at four- to six-month intervals appears to be an 
effective therapy to enhance visual capabilities in RP patients.


Ann Ophthalmol 1998; 30(3): 161-163