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Questions about oxygen's use in the treatment of disease that 
were commonly put to Ed McCabe - the author of "Oxygen 
Therapies," and undisputed leading journalist specializing in 
uncovering the truth about oxygen therapies for the benefit of 
humanity -  complete with the answers given in his syndicated 
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"Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed speaker, 
investigative journalist, expert, and author of many books, tapes
and videos since the best selling book "Oxygen Therapies" came 
out in 1988.  Absolutely nothing herein is medical advice, or 
even intended to be medical advice, but merely an international 
public discussion of the oxygen therapy centered events, people, 
products, and methods being used worldwide.  




"Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed speaker, 
investigative journalist, expert, and author of books, tapes and 
videos since the best selling book "Oxygen Therapies."  Nothing 
herein is medical advice, but merely an international public 
discussion of the oxygen therapy centered events, products,
and methods being used worldwide.  Copyright 1994 by Ed McCabe.

Q. 1 From Sweden: "What is the difference between using solid 
ozone products (Homozon) and the use of the ozone gas? Why don't 
sufferers of degenerative disease use it when they can't readily 
get the ozone gas treatments?"

Homozon is a powdered form of pharmaceutical (not industrial or 
commercial) magnesium, mined from a specific site known for its 
desirable chemical properties, which is bonded with ozone gas 
through a secret proprietary process. Homozon is completely legal 
for sale and consumption in the U.S. It has been in wide usage 
since the 1920's when Dr. F.M. Eugene Blass got together with 
Nikola Tesla in a Paris hotel and developed its method of 
manufacture. The white powdered magnesium/ozone compound is 
sprinkled on food or imbibed with water, and followed by 1/2 the 
juice of a lemon whose acid liberates the ozone from the 
magnesium bond, and the ozone circulates throughout the body 
detoxifying and eliminating anaerobes.  The oxygen and magnesium 
then thoroughly clean the bowel eventually. There are many 
Homozon "copycats" on the market, and unfortunately people think 
that if their stools are loosened by them that they must be as 
good as Homozon, but loose bowels is not in any way an indicator 
of oxygen delivery to the tissue.  Homozon is the only product I 
know of that liberates liters of oxygen per can.  Still, having 
made that point, any colon cleansing is going to increase oxygen 
availability to the tissue through making "room" by removing 
cellular blockages.

If one would attend the yearly International Bio-Oxidative 
Medicine Foundation's meetings as I do, you would see Dr. 
Freibott's historical slide show showing simply amazing cancer 
cures and disease remissions through the proper application of 
Homozon over the past 60 plus years. We heard only one anecdotal 
report of someone with AIDS getting well using only Homozon, so 
more data needs to be collected concerning that disease.

The virtues of Ozone therapies alone are continually chronicled 
throughout the pages of "The Family News so you don't need to 
know much more than buy a copy of my NEW 66 page April 94 version 
of "O3 vs. AIDS" to know what's going on with ozone over the past 
50 plus years.

So, has anyone ever done a study comparing the two? Not that we 
know of. Has anyone combined the two? Not that we know of but it 
is a fantastic idea! Can a degenerative disease patient get by on 
just using Homozon? The evidence presented of people using it 
perhaps up to once every two hours for weeks at a time and 
continually being aware of where the nearest toilet is shows 
definite promise. If you do your own study let us know what 

Q. 2 "What's all this stuff about people testing negative for HIV 
yet still getting AIDS?
I found out they only test for HIV-1! Our research shows up to 9 
other forms of HIV are out there being spread throughout the 
population and the bloodbanks. Most people with AIDS have 3 to 5 
different forms of the HIV virus in them. You have seen nothing 
in comparison to the mass suffering that humanity is going to go 
through soon with these new mutant diseases.  I was the first one 
to publicly proclaim this and to offer the solution back as far
as 1988. Tell everyone you meet. See the chronology additions 
below for details.

Q. 3 "What's the latest events to make the chronology?"

1993 November issue of "Vogue" magazine, pages 96-97, shows off 
beautiful two page ad for Lancasters' "Vital Oxygen Supply" 
Asymmetric Oxygen Carrier System skin therapy.  "By the time you 
are 30 your body skin has 25% less oxygen in it, ...fine lines 
and wrinkles appear.  ...Combat with revolutionary new technology 
... pure oxygen molecules suspended in a light delicate cream 
that transports them deep into the epidermis." 

Comment:: Wait till the models find out what real oxygen therapy 
does to aging!

1993 Nov 11, "Vaccine Failures"  Headline "USA Today" newspaper. 
Dr. Anthony Faucci head of AIDS research at the National 
Institute of Health told Reuters that recent disappointing 
laboratory tests of AIDS vaccines had made him anxious about 
proceeding with large scale human trials.  "If we find that these 
candidate vaccines are not  eliciting anything that even 
resembles an appropriate immune response, a lot of people would 
say we have absolutely no scientific basis to go ahead with 
(large-scale human) testing."  In the toughest lab tests so far, 
almost all have failed to trigger a key immune response against 
the AIDS virus.

Comment: A year and three months ago Ed McCabe and associates sat 
2 healed AIDS patients and their records and their doctors before 
Dr. Fauci and he was unable to - or perhaps prevented from seeing 
the beauty of ozone, yet ozone is still patiently waiting like 
the forgotten sister who is the biggest prize of all.  He could 
have been the hero to bring it to the world, but now the NIH only 
holds up their failures in this desperate area.

1993 Dec 2nd NBC TV News reports: 92 people die from AIDS every 
day, and 360 people get AIDS every day.

1994 Jan 20th Medical Tribune - Research News - Headline: "Oxygen 
plus ozone mixture can inactivate HIV in vitro" article by Nathan 
Horowitz describes upcoming Medizone Phase 1 clinical trials at 
several research sites in Italy. 300 patients with HIV infection 
or hepatitis-B will be randomized to treated or control groups 
and studied during three months of dosing and nine months of 
follow up. For 12 weeks 300 cc's of blood will be withdrawn and 
ozonated and returned to the patient every other day.  "Dr 
Latino's preliminary data are very interesting," said Mark Cohen, 
Ph.D., a professor of medicine at Louisiana State University 
School of Medicine in Shreveport. "His studies show that ozone 
really is capable of killing HIV."

1994 Feb 16 U.S. Congressional Representative (NY) Sherwood 
Boehlert passes on the FDA's opinion of ozone therapy in a letter 
to Mr. Gerald O. Rennerts who had inquired six months previously 
as to why the U.S. Government and the FDA are preventing the 
ozone cure for AIDS from reaching the people of our country who 
so desperately need it. 

The FDA wrote that "...ozone is a "new" drug not generally 
recognized by qualified experts as safe and effective for the 
recommended use."  And, "The issue of availability of unproven 
agents is not a new one to our agency... To date, we are not 
aware of any clinical investigator satisfactorily addressing
the pre-clinical safety issues inherent in the use of 
oxygen/ozone in humans.  The introduction of this agent into 
immunosuppressed AIDS patients without careful study of probable 
toxicities would place such patients at unreasonable and 
significant risk. Additionally, we are not aware of any 
scientific data demonstrating that ozone is effective for 
patients in any clinical situation! (emphasis mine!).

Mr. Rennerts calls the FDA's response "so scientifically 
pathetic... that it confirms the level of ignorance and arrogance 
that exists in the FDA."  The FDA letter was authored by Diane E. 
Thompson, Associate FDA Commissioner for Legislative Affairs, 
Dept of Health and Human Services , Public Health Service, FDA, 
Rockville, MD 20857.

Comment: Let's look at the FDA words and their meanings:

"new drug" - New? Ozone has been widely used for over 60 years. 
Ozone has been used on millions of people, 5,000+ physicians are 
using it today in other countries as you read this. Ozone therapy 
is grandfathered as a pre-FDA U.S. medical treatment.

"qualified experts" - this means FDA and other people who have 
never seen ozone used, read a real study on it, or talked to any  
practitioner using it for 30 years.  How can they possibly be 

"availability of unproven agents not new to the FDA." Let's see 
why this question of dealing with any of the pharmaceutical 
company's competition, so-called "unproven agents" is not new.  
Quoting Senator Edward Long's U.S. Senate hearings where Dr. 
Herbert Ley, FDA Commissioner testifies that the FDA "protects" 
the big drug companies and are subsequently rewarded, and using 
the government's police powers they attack those who threaten the 
big drug companies." People think what the FDA is protecting 
them. It isn't. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks 
it's doing are as different as night and day."

"not aware of ...addressing safety issues ...probable toxicities" 
- According to whom? Remember The German Medical Society in 
Europe in 1980? An estimated 350,000 people were treated with 
ozone between 1980 and 1985.  The University of Bonn reviewed 
these cases and reported virtually no side effects of ozone 
therapy when properly administered...  1980 May, The German 
Medical Society stated 384,775 patients were treated with ozone 
with a minimum of 5,579,238 applications and the side effect rate 
observed was only .000005 per application! The report also stated 
"The majority of adverse effects were caused by ignorance about 
ozone therapy (operator error)." 

And what about Medizone's long ago submitted to the FDA Long 
Island College of Pharmacy rabbit study showing no toxicity at 
concentrations up to 10 times the dose proposed in man. Cornell 
University Veterinary College feline study showing no detectable 
toxic effects. The Hematology Journal HIV inactivation study 
showing 100% inactivation and harmless to human blood components.  
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York revealing hemolysis and 
coagulation changes well within normal limits.

And, the June 2, 1993 Medizone announcement of the successful 
completion of the first two phases of a Canadian simian (ape) 
research project overseen by scientists representing the Canadian 
Red Cross, Canadian Departments of Defense and Agriculture, 
Cornell University Veterinarian Medical College and Medizone 
Canada Ltd. where they proved "These preliminary research results
indicate the capability of Medizone's patented scientific and 
technological process to inactivate blood and blood products of 
certain viral contaminants, including the AIDS virus."  Two 
groups of monkeys were infused with plasma infected with highly 
virulent strains of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (monkey 
equivalent of HIV).  The first group died within 12 days.  The 
second group's infected plasma was first infused with ozone 
through Medizone's process.  None of the second group showed any 
sign of infection.

"unreasonable and significant risk" - Like when the FDA's 
favorite drug AZT, so poisonous it was pulled off the shelves as 
a cancer drug years ago, was paraded out to appease AIDS 
protesters and went on to kill how many people?  Or like the 
unreasonable and significant risk of denying AIDS patients ozone

"not aware of any scientific data" ??? - This same FDA letter's 
very next paragraph admits they have in their possession a copy 
of this very publication "O3 vs. AIDS" you are now reading with 
the very same listing of all the scientific and medical journal, 
and clinical studies, and ozone using doctors, over the past 90+ 
years that they need to approve immediate human usage of safe and 
effective ozone therapy.  Instead of allowing harmless research  
which will prove ozone better than drug therapy, they hide behind 
asking for precious time wasting delay tactics like "studies" 
while more people get infected and die.

Amazingly they completely ignore all the bona fide scientific 
evidence in their hands and brazenly quote to the U.S. 
Congressman only one fraudulent "AIDS" medical article. The 
preliminary Canadian study only gave 10cc's of ozone into a 
muscle, not I.V., and not enough to do any good, and not for a 
long enough time period. During the second half of the very short  
study the ozone machine had broken and wasn't producing any 
ozone, yet they ignored this fact when they wrote up the study!  

The only other document they could produce in defense of their 
position was a disinformative and fraudulent American Cancer 
Society women's glamour magazine (yes they printed it) type fairy 
tale story wherein the ACS claimed to review all available 
literature and yet somehow find none of the evidence you are
holding in your hands!  In the few studies the ACS did admit to 
finding, they brazenly claimed the studies showed exactly the 
opposite of the conclusions drawn by the very people who actually 
did the studies!

These fraudulent, unscientific, and criminally horrendous smear 
jobs are quoted as "proof" to you of why the FDA must continue to 
"protect" the ignorant public against the obviously terrible 
evils of "unproven" and "unknown" big bad ozone therapy. Perhaps 
it is "Unknown" all right, to those who ride a desk for a living, 
and who's telephones mysteriously can't call outside of 
Washington, DC.  It is painfully obvious to this reporter that  
the only "protecting" going on is the protecting of the FDA 
employees' future fat cushy jobs in the pharmaceutical industry 
as a reward for being "good boys and girls" when they leave 
government "service."

Question: How long are you going to put up with this criminal 
behavior in government with your life and the lives of your loved 
ones at stake?

1994 March 16th USA Today newspaper front page article "Medical 
Research Fighting Fraud" "Since June, 1992 more than 300 
allegations of establishment medical research fraud have been 
reported to Federal Officials." The Lancet was quoted as saying 
"The system works against whistle-blowers."

1994 March  Canadian Film "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" 
wins "Best Documentary" at the Atlanta Film Festival. In the 
film, Captain Mike Shannon, M.D. Director of Medical Operations 
for the Canadian National Defence says: 

"I was shocked to discover that people traveled to various 
clinics in Germany from virtually all over the world paying two 
and three thousand dollars cash on the table American for six 
ozone treatments - incredible! 

Here I'm faced with a wide range of political applications, a 
huge number of people are using it, a patient base that's 
worldwide paying big money for something - there's got to be 
something in this.  What is it?  

We certainly demonstrated that ozone was capable of deactivating 
the virus, but to our surprise, right out at the absolute limits 
of concentration so ten to the power of six virus particles per 
cc, we still deactivated everything.  So very, very marked 
demonstration or profound demonstration of the potential as an 
anti-viral agent here, and of course we're dealing not with 
concentrations that are toxic to the human, but in fact, 
concentrations of ozone that have been used in Germany in clinics 
for the last 30 years with thousands of patients, without any 
evidence of any harm.

Inadvertently, we discovered that this particular type of therapy 
has an incredible effect, a very, very profound effect in terms 
of managing pain.  I mean it had a potent analgesic effect. And 
secondly, we were able to discover that blood that's ozonized 
actually triggers off the production of interlukin two, one of 
the immune regulators.  So here we were sitting on a very 
simplistic technology that had promise of literally blowing the 
lid off of certainly North American Medicine, or North American 
pharmaceutics anyways.

When these people stand up and say this is what they found, in 
all likelihood, the pillars of the establishment will start to 
shake a little bit anyways.  It may still be perceived as 
slightly off the wall and maybe they should go back and check 
their data again, but chances are they're going to catch the
interest and imagination of a few anyways who will replicate it 
and it will start to unfold."

1994 March 25, Dallas, Texas is the site of the IBOM 
International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation's 5th annual 
meeting. Phone 405/691-1452. MD's from all over the world 
highlighted their own work successfully using ozone and/or 
hydrogen peroxide and other oxidative compounds in medicine, and 
attending special educational workshops. Among the papers 
presented were:

"Spontaneity of Oxidation in Nature" Majid Ali, MD
"Ozone in Medicine" Frank Shallenberger MD
"Hydrogen Peroxide and  Free Radicals" Charles H. Farr MD Ph.D.
"Complex Oxidative Compounds" George Freibott ND
"Experiences in the further Treatment of AIDS, Cancer and 
Toxicity/Hypersensitivity Using    Bio-Oxidative and Nutritional 
 Therapies" Robert Allen MBBS (Australia)
"The Cause of All Disease from a Wholistic Perspective" Ed McCabe
"Oxidative Therapy and the Answer to AIDS" Robert Willner MD, 
"AIDS, Immunology and Ozone" Frank Shallenberger, MD
"Experiences With Medical Ozone" Stanley W. Beyrle, N.M.D.
"Ozone May Inactivate HIV by Reducing p120-CD4 Binding Affinity, 
 Lysing the HIV Lipid Envelope,      and Oxidizing the HIV core" 
 Oscar K. M. Hsu (Harvard)

1994 April 4th "Morey Povich" National TV Show tapes Ed McCabe, 
Dr. Robert Atkins (stopped from successfully using ozone), 
journalist Sue Ann Taylor (witnessed an ozone/AIDS clinic's 
results in the Philippines), Basil Wainwright, inventor (ozone 
political prisoner interviewed from his jail cell in Florida) and 
self treatment IV ozone using successful AIDS patient "Adam" for 
first ever 1 hour positive sounding national ozone TV show.  
Entitled "Oxygen Saved My Life." Show airs all over the U.S. 
April 21st, 1994 to over 5.5 million people.  Mr. McCabe and 
associates repeatedly stressed how ozone is successfully being 
used all over the world, there are thousands of doctors
using it, but the FDA won't let human testing occur here, why 
not?  That's what the audience wanted to know as well. 

Comment: Although Ed McCabe has been contacting all the major 
talk shows and sending proof which was ignored for years, this 
was the first show to expose the truth nationally.  A big thank 
you to Mr. Povich, producer Janell Bladow, and assistant Jill Van 
Lokeren and all those who let it through!

1994 Spring "HIV Treatment News #5" and "AIDS Control Diet, 6th 
edition" are published by Mark Konlee @ Keep Hope Alive P.O. Box 
27041 West Allis, WI 53227.  A grass roots publication that stays 
away from ideology and simply reports the success or failure of 
every known home protocol used and reported by people with AIDS. 
The publication increasingly encourages the use of ozone and 
other oxygen therapies due to readers reporting their successes.

WARNING!  1994 April  WARNING!  Researcher interviews EPA (Phone 
800/241-1754, 800/444-7255, 800/447-6349) official in charge of 
efficacy data and microbial studies, Zigfridas Vaituzis, who 
shockingly reveals that as of this date all government "AIDS" 
statistics are still only for HIV-1! Same goes for all blood bank 
testing! HIV-2, HIV-3 and other forms, possibly up to 10 in 
number (HIV-O in France) are not tested for or compiled in the 
statistics quoted by the government and announced over and over 
in the media! We are therefore told of far fewer persons having 
AIDS than the actual statistics reveal actually have AIDS, and 
the blood banks have routinely been giving out blood infected 
with the other forms of HIV! 

When you go get a HIV test, they only look for HIV-1! Forget what 
the nurses at the blood banks believe and tell you. Ask them to 
go and physically get one of the actual HIV blood screening test 
kits and read to you the instructions printed on them, they are 
only for HIV-1.  The doctor or patient must request screening 
beyond HIV-1!

As of June 1, 1994 they will recognize HIV-2. Some blood banks 
are already testing for HIV-2.

Comment: Through political deception we are told all is well, 
while the stored transfusion blood remains untested and therefore 
unsafe, and the statistics are grossly understated!  What is the 
real political agenda? It sounds anti-life, anti-people, doesn't 
it? If you were in a car accident and woke up with a blood bag 
going into you, don't you have a right to know that it is not 
HIV-2, HIV-3, etc, infected? Ozone bubbled through all stored 
blood would solve this problem immediately. Makes you wonder if 
some alien power has seized control of the inner workings of our 
government. They certainly don't represent me or any of my 
friends, or you or yours either, do they? 

1994 April  Before the above conversations with the CDC, their 
AIDS reference computerized National AIDS Information and 
Education Program - CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse databank had 
a synopsis of the story where Ed McCabe had testified before the 
NIH in 1992 about the effectiveness of ozone therapy.  The story 
had subsequently been printed in the "Washington Post" Health 
section, 06/23/94, page 8. by David Brown. One week after the 
above conversations, all references of Mr. McCabe's testimony and 
the resulting Washington Post newspaper story had completely 
disappeared from the CDC computer. Around 4/7/94. The database is 
privately owned by Information Inc., Bethesda, MD 

Comment: The control of information is the consolidation of 
power. The high priests want to stay in power, and don't care if 
it kills you.

Ed McCabe has to date brought the ozone message of hope out to 
the people on over 1,075 TV, radio & talk shows and speaking 

1994 May 2 Ed McCabe is interviewed on the famous "Ron & Ron" 
syndicated radio morning talk show for 1 and 1/2 hours. The "bad 
boys of morning talk radio" were extremely interested about the 
story of ozone being highly effective in the treatment of 
disease, yet not even being researched in the U.S. and in the
fact that it is being actively suppressed. Three days before Ed's 
interview, they had interviewed Basil Wainwright from his prison 
cell where he was still being held after 3 years on charges of 
saying ozone works as medicine. During Ed's show they got a first 
hand taste of the suppression when a caller who wouldn't identify 
himself called in and tried to discredit ozone by discrediting 
Basil Wainwright's checkered (from persecution) public record. 
Further suppression attempts occurred the next day, May 3rd, when 
Fort Lauderdale police sergeant Joe Rubichek - the same one who 
in 1991 incredibly stepped way beyond the bounds of his office 
and phoned a team of major northeast university researchers who 
were testing ozone's ability to kill viruses, & warned them, "You 
will be part of a criminal conspiracy if you continue to study 
ozone's effectiveness." - called the "Ron & Ron" offices and said 
he thought they were endorsing the "ozone products," and that  
the show was going to be liable if anything happened to the 
people who used the therapy." 

Comment: Don't you wish that we all had such conscientious police 
departments in our own towns, who actually take the time out from 
catching crack dealers and murderers and rapists to warn us 
whenever we might be approaching some alleged illegality? I'm 
happy to see the attempted squelching of public discussion and 
legitimate research on ozone, which might save untold lives when 
properly applied, outweighing the priorities of solving the 
abductions of children and rampant drug crimes, aren't you?

Q. 4 "What are the new publications from you?"

My brand new increased by 24 pages up to 66 page April 94 edition 
of "Ozone vs. AIDS." It's chock full of medical references that 
everyone is screaming for, and my usual witty comments on the 
evolving ozone scene. Your just getting "The Family News" version 
of the chronology bit by bit, issue by issue, is not the same, 
because whenever I uncover new intelligence I go back into the 
past to do historical updates and rewrite scenarios as more 
information becomes available.  "The Family News" only prints the 
sequential versions from the last reported date forward. So, EVEN 

Q. 5 "You were on the "Morey Povich" national TV show, what 

In essence, even though everyone who saw the show loved it and 
said we won, and we were seen by 5.5 million people while we 
showed them ozone, healed AIDS patients, and quoted references, 
and had the "Oxygen Therapies" book cover on the air, we wasted 
$2,000 of our already too tight finances to mount an 800 number 
phone bank.  We sold about 50 books from the show. Nothing  
happened.  The network switchboard wouldn't give out our number, 
although the producers would if you could reach them. Apparently 
America is so numbed by media overkill sensationalism on these 
talk shows, that IT is fast asleep.  Comatose America has 
defected in legions from the 4 major networks "I've got 57 
channels and nothing's on" as the song goes. The people know they 
are being lied to by the media, so they no longer trust it. How 
far will the esteem of the major networks have to drop before 
they begin to march to the beat of the people? See the above 
chronologic summary for details. 

Get the new ozone report. You'll need it to convince skeptics. Happy Oxygen!


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At the urging of many in our oxygen family, The Not For Profit 
"Foundation For The Advancement of Oxygen Therapies" has finally 
been formed.  Our stated purpose: We are bringing our case to the 
public by educating them that oxygen supplements, therapies and 
related activities are historically inexpensive, safe, and proven 
effective when used as directed by competently trained healthcare 
professionals.  We are using education, the media, and soon, with 
your help, aggressive research as proof to silence whomever 
postures against oxygen, your very right to life itself.

While America dies of AIDS, Tuberculosis and a host of other 
diseases, and the FDA stands before Congress and declares as 
truth that "there is no evidence that ozone has any medical 
benefit," and Congressmen say we should "imprison anyone who 
promotes or uses ozone for 25 years as a felon," and doctors  
curing diseases are railroaded into prison, and homes are broken 
into by government agents seizing ozone machines, things have 
gone way too far.  They are referring to us. You and me and our 
friends.  Won't you please become a contributing member by 
joining the foundation today?  Donations will be in a segregated 
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