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"Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed speaker, 
investigative journalist, expert, and author of many books, tapes
and videos since the best selling book "Oxygen Therapies" came 
out in 1988.  Absolutely nothing herein is medical advice, or 
even intended to be medical advice, but merely an international 
public discussion of the oxygen therapy centered events, people, 
products, and methods being used worldwide.  



"Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed speaker,
investigative journalist, expert, and author of books, tapes and
videos since the best selling book "Oxygen Therapies."  Nothing
herein is medical advice, but merely an international public
discussion of the oxygen therapy centered events, products, and
methods being used worldwide.  Copyright 1993 by Ed McCabe.  

Q. 1 "Tell us about the International Ozone Association (IOA)
Conference (8/29 to 9/3 1993) in San Francisco CA"   

A. O3OHATOP - That's ozone in Russian. The meeting plainly
demonstrated to us that even the Russians have more health
freedom than we do. Dr. Claudia Koscherkova, head of research &
development at the Nisnerokinov Medical Institute is presently
treating 39 arthereosclerosis patients with ozone.  He and others
are using medical ozone on babies, animals, adults, and even
gunshot wounds!  They have four major medical ozone treatment
centers in their largest cities, and have, over the past six
years, treated thousands of people with ozone!  Because of the
rampant greed of our drug companies who influence all levels of
our society to suppress ozone, ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES ARE REALLY

The Russian MD's I met at IOA were kind enough to lend me a copy
of their video. I secured a good copy of it - a 20 minute
explanatory medical ozone video (in English).  They have many
innovative techniques, and you can now order your own copy of it
through "The Family News," coupled with copy of a recent TV show
I did in California with an ozone self treating AIDS patient who
is now healthy and has outlived 100 others who didn't use ozone!  

Also at the IOA conference, the IOA held tours of local ozone
water treatment plants, and had three days of presenting papers
on ozone municipal drinking water treatment plants, the newest
industrial ozone generation methods, waste water treatment
plants, ozone used in the pulp and paper and cooling/process
industries, in swimming pools and municipal aquariums,
groundwater treatment, and its biological effects.  The
conference wound up with two days of medical presentations on
completed and ongoing ozone medical studies - done mostly outside
of the United States due to U.S. political pressures. Here's a
synopsis and list of the topics covered showing doctors'
successes with medical ozone therapy:  Dr. John Greenburg, On the
University of Heidelburg School of Medicine staff, & working
w/Horst Kief presented the results of his work on the
microscopical examination of whole blood (5cc's blood, 15cc's
ozone) after exposure to ozone, establishing that it is safe if
used within the accepted parameters, generally less than 80
mcg/ml concentration.  

Dr. Michael Carpendale, San Francisco, CA VA Hospital was honored
for his research work and for helping to put on this year's
meeting. His talk, "Ozone, HIV & AIDS"  "Ozone inactivates HIV at
concentrations non toxic to blood cells.  In saline .4 ug/ml. In
serum 4.0 ug/ml. In blood 50 ug/ml. Ozone is an incredibly safe
drug,  ...increases oxygen between cells ...increases vaso
dilation and perfusion ...increases cellular membrane
permeability ... T4 cell best marker to use."  And, "VA hospital
in Florida treated a referred patient with rectal ozone, his
mother states it cured his cryptosporidium diarrhea." 

Doctor Wong, University of Havana head of ozone therapy in their
medical research center. Using ozone on arthritis, cardiopathy,
endophlebitis, etc.   

Dr. Bernie Kershbaum, Philadelphia, PA was elected head of the
IOA Pan American Medical Group, a for MD's only organization. The
next IOA meeting would be May 12th, 1995 in France.  They are
calling for new papers.  

The Vice President of the German Society for Ozone, Dr. Hartmut
Baltin reported he's treating AIDS patients in a study in his
vascular clinic.  

Also reporting at IOA were:  Occlusive lower limb arterial
disease - O. Rokitansky, J. Washuttl and L. Groger - Austria
Occlusive lower limb arterial disease - R. Mattassi - Italy
Immune monitoring - H Baltin - Germany Artherosclerosis - N.
Zhulina, C. Kontorschikova and N. Morozova - Russia
Cardiopathology - F. Hernandez et al - Cuba Hypoxic states - S.
Peretyagin - Russia Hypoxic impairments - C. Kontorschikova -
Russia Myocardium fractals - A. Gavrilushkin, S. Peretyagin and
O. Birjukova - Russia Chelation - M. Foster - U.S.A. Diverse
Pathology - G. Glady - France Dermatology - S. L. Krivatkin -
Russia Staph - T. Shimoyama et. al. Japan Sickle Cell Anemia - M.
Gomez et. al. - Cuba Ozone produced auto vaccine - J. Greenberg -
Germany Rheumatic diseases - Z. Fahmy - Germany Catostrophic
injured children - S. N. Gorbunov et. al. - Russia Rectal
Insufflation of Rats study - S. Mendez et. al. - Cuba Genetics -
E. Prieto et al - Cuba Anaesthetized horses - P. Scrollavezza et.
al. - Italy Optic Nerve disfunction - R. Santiesteban et. al. -
Cuba Cerebro vascular accident - E. Devesa - Cuba Senile Dementia
- M.M. Rodriguez et. al. - Cuba Malignant disease - H. Kief -
Germany Breast cancer - R. Dallaglio et. al. - Italy
Neurodermatitis - H. Kief - Germany Digestive System - M. Noa -
Cuba Germ free lab animals - J.M. Mirabal et. al. - Cuba  

Quoting Seigfried Rilling, the President Of the German Medical
Society for Ozone in his talk on the Germany History of European
Ozone, "...Ozone only serves Humanity"   

Comment:   Why aren't the U.S. doctors a majority of this list -
instead of hiding their work in basements and back rooms?  

Q. 2 "What's the latest events to make the chronology?"  

A. 1993 May 27 Rep. Schumer D-NY chairs the House Subcommittee On
Crime And Criminal Justice, oversight hearing on health care
fraud: "AIDS Fraud - Deceit, Dollars and Despair."  Subcommittee
hears testimony from AIDS patient Randy Payne that he got ozone
therapy and it didn't work.  It is not pointed out that he got a
minor/inadequate incorrectly applied (caused pain) form of
therapy, that he left the study long before it could have any
effects, or that he got it free.  

WARNING! They also heard from Tom Koontz, the Executive Director
for the Manhattan Center For Living who, like Randy and all the
others at the hearing, didn't know the first thing about the 50
year history of medical ozone or the thousands of case histories
and references available.  They all therefore assumed it is a
"scam" run by "charlatans," and Rep. Schumer even called for
enacting legislation: to make the use or promotion of ozone a
fraud "felony" with 25 year prison sentences, "streamlining"
prosecutions, "unleashing" our law enforcement officials, and
"hunting down" the "health care crooks who stalk our citizens." 
An FDA official actually stood up, held up an ozone generator,
lied through his teeth, and told the congressmen - and the
American people via rebroadcast on CNN and NBC - that there is
absolutely no proof anywhere that ozone has any benefit in

Comment: Why didn't they interview the two girls who went the
same time as Randy but stayed for the full treatment course and
tested HIV negative upon return?  Of all the positive evidence
around, why did they solely focus upon one "bad apple" case? 
Before the hearing started, I faxed 11 pages of medical
documentation - including the Blood Journal and Canadian
Government's positive ozone studies directly to the committee
heads!   None of this was mentioned.  Also, despite having
discussions and leaving several messages with them, no one called
back seeking any further information.  What's the real agenda? 
Perhaps they don't want to be bothered with the truth if it
upsets the political PAC money flow from the medical and
pharmaceutical companies?  

1993 Summer Biosphere 2, Tucson, AZ gets an oxygen infusion.
Billed as a self-sustaining eco-system, its atmospheric oxygen
level had dropped to 15%, same as on a 13,400 foot mountain.  The
eight crew members have been short of breath. 

1993 June U.S. Supreme Court rules that all the illegal immigrant
HIV infected Haitians detained in the military concentration
camps in Cuba must be immediately released into the U.S.
population at large.  

1993 June 2, 1993   Headline: Medizone's Blood Decontamination
Technology Proven Successful In Canadian Monkey Trial.  Still
trying to inch their way through the system, Medizone announces
its successful trials on monkeys.  This was one of the
requirements imposed last August when McCabe/Bedell/Latino et.
al. met with Dr. Fauci at the NIH.  Dr. Fauci said "Why can't you
do a simple monkey trial?"  So Medizone did, and now they are
announcing the successful completion of the first two phases of a
Canadian research project overseen by scientists representing the
Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Departments of Defense and
Agriculture, Cornell University Veterinarian Medical College and
Medizone Canada Ltd.  Two groups of monkeys were infused with
plasma infected with highly virulent strains of Simian
Immunodeficiency Virus (monkey equivalent of HIV).  The first
group died within 12 days.  The second group's infected plasma
was first infused with ozone through Medizone's process.  None of
the second group showed any sign of infection.  

Dr. Latino, Medizone's president stated; "These preliminary
research results indicate the capability of Medizone's patented
scientific and technological process to inactivate blood and
blood products of certain viral contaminants, including the AIDS

1993 June  Ozone hero dies under pressure. John Burdick, one of
the first AIDS patients to be turned PCR negative by ozone died
in Phoenix, Arizona hospital due to overwhelming negativity he
was met with at every turn, including having bank account seized,
being arrested for "practicing medicine without a license" while
having a sidewalk conversation, and being stopped by different
state police for long "routine inspections" 8 times while on a
cross country trip.  His later life was spent continually telling
others how ozone had cured him, and if applied properly, could do
the same for them.  He was working his way through the NIH
bureaucratic process advancing ozone at the time of his demise. 
He did not die from AIDS, and he remained PCR negative to the

1993 June 16, Statisticians from the Federal Center For Disease
Control announce that in 1990 AIDS was the leading killer of men
in the 25-44 year age range in New York, California, Florida,
Massachusetts and New Jersey. It is the leading killer for these
men in 64 cities as well.  For women the same is true in nine
cities.  NIH's Dr. Sten Vermund wrote: "Adolescent and young
adult HIV transmission guarantees the continuation of the
epidemic."  These numbers are from back in 1990.  

Epidemiologist Susan Chu, a contributing author, says the numbers
have "likely risen" since then.  

Comment: You bet they have!  

1993 June 16  A 6 year old girl, depressed because her mother is
dying from AIDS, deliberately stood in front of a fast moving
freight train in Dania, FL. - Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.
Jacqueline "Jackie" Johnson had talked about wanting to be with
her mommy in heaven.  

Comment:  Spreading, spreading, spreading.  When will they

1993 July Mr. Larry Hannigan, Australian TV producer who filmed
the master footage of Ed McCabe's Australian video has his house,
office, and studio/tape library burnt to the ground. Everything
was completely destroyed. Demolished are the master tapes of Ed's
oxygen tour and those of many other humanitarian free thinking
speakers collected over many years at a cost of many thousands of

Comment: How many more heroes have to take the hit to keep your
freedoms alive before you get into the act?  

1993 July 4, President Clinton's new AIDS Czar Kristine Gebbie is
appointed. Every 15 seconds someone becomes infected with HIV. 
75% of the people with HIV are heterosexual.   

1993 July 14 10:45 AM FDA and Police attack Ken Theifault's home
by firing a shot and having SWAT types busting through all the
doors and windows of his house in Jupiter Florida to seize two
water purification ozone machines. He is charged with dealing in
"contraband" - the ozone machines.  

1993 Aug Inventor Basil Wainwright still languishing in prison
for three years without a trial is under medical care for high
blood pressure.  Someone enters prison computer and doubles his
blood pressure medication, giving him twice the possibly lethal
dose.   Mr. Wainwright discovers this subtle attempt on his life
just in time to head it off.  

1993 Aug 13 Dr. Robert Atkins of NYC - Headline Marin, CA
Independent Journal "Famed diet doctor loses over use of ozone
therapy" "Atkins' medical license was suspended yesterday for
allegedly telling a cancer patient to continue unconventional
ozone therapy" "Atkins, author of two best selling diet books and
advocate of ozone gas therapy, is 'an imminent danger to the
health' of New Yorkers, state Health Commissioner Mark Chassin
said.  Atkins explained his suspension this way: 'Leaders of the
medical profession have issued a call to arms - get the leaders
of alternative medicine.'  Atkins has argued that ozone gas can
kill cancer cells and HIV."  

1993 Aug 18 Dr. Robert Atkins of NYC - Headline Ft Lauderdale Sun
Sentinel  "Atkins gets license back." Supreme Court Justice
Edward Greenfield ruled the state's order "is arbitrary and
capricious, is so disproportionate to the offense alleged, in
light of all circumstances, that it is shocking to a sense of
fairness and justice."  

1993 Aug 24th In an early morning raid, the FDA descends upon the
B. Boyce clinic in Bay St. Louis Mississippi, arresting Dr. James
Boyce.  They also raid his home after stealing his garbage
earlier in the week. Although Dr. Boyce had retired, in a
humanitarian act, his wife opened a clinic specializing in
oxidative therapies to help people.  

1993 Aug 24th Ed McCabe is told he is on an FDA "hit list." Finds
his phone tapped. 

Comment; If they come for a journalist on some pretext now, they
will come for you next, but it will be too late for you to have
any recourse if you "stay out of it" now.  

1993 Aug-Sept International Ozone Association holds Eleventh
Ozone World Congress & Exhibition August 29 to September 3rd,
1993 in San Francisco. (See above question on the IOA). 

1993 Sept 2, world premier of Canadian 1/2 hour video "Ozone and
The Politics of Medicine" at the IOA meeting.  Video subsequently
shown in LA, New York, Salt Lake and other health shows.  

1993 Sept 8th, Medizone Int'l NYC announces co-project with
Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Scientific Society for
Oxygen-Ozone Therapy to treat AIDS and Hepatitis-B patients with
Medizone's thin film delivery technology.  Patients will undergo
a one hour treatment on alternate days, during a twelve week

1993 Sept Basil Wainwright let out of Federal jail immediately
arrested on courthouse steps by state of Florida. Appeals

1993 Sept. Tootle-Vision, an outlaw type lone UHF station in the
outback deserts of Los Vegas starts airing Ed McCabe's Brisbane
Australia 2 1/2 hour video over and over, day after day, trying
to reach people about ozone.   

1993 Sept 9 & 10 Ed McCabe is interviewed on New York's WOR with
Dr. Atkins and discuss what the ozone community started referring
to as the "Schumer Smear."  Dr. Atkins suggests his listeners
call Rep. Schumer's Brooklyn office and tell him what they think
about Rep. Schumer's ignoring the documentation Ed McCabe sent
his Justice Dept. Subcommittee, and his allowing ozone to be
called "quackery" during the hearing. Calls flood his office, and
Dan Cunningham his chief attorney/counsel calls Mr. McCabe and
assures him that the Congressman has had no contact with the drug
companies, and they just "overlooked" the documentation sent
before the hearing.  Mr. McCabe then reminded the counsel that
the drug/allopathic medical industry is one of the top
contributors to almost every campaign, and suggested the
appropriate course of action for the committee now would be to
investigate why the FDA was lying to congress when its
representative stated that there is no evidence anywhere that
ozone has any medical usages.  No assurances of the Congressman's
office taking this line of inquiry were given.  

Comment: Although the Congressman's office apologized, the damage
was already done because CNN and NBC aired "Ozone is quackery"
footage, but now no one will air on national television that it
was all a mistake.  Same with Dr. Atkins.  Newspaper readers all
across the country saw headlines announcing that he lost his
license for using ozone, but almost none of the same papers
printed the four day later follow-up that he got it back almost
immediately when NY Supreme Court Justice Edward Greenfield ruled
the state's pulling his license was "arbitrary and capricious, is
so disproportionate to the offense alleged, in light of all
circumstances, that it is shocking to a sense of fairness and
justice."  This part of the story, if printed at all, was buried
in the back pages.    

Comment: Net public educational input from both stories?  "Ozone
is quackery" and, "Doctors loosing licensees over ozone."  

1993 Oct Anna Ruiz, journalist @ WHBN, a hispanic station in West
Palm Beach, started a vigil of programming on the Florida
Wainwright ozone political prisoner case. Max Piccardo the
station owner immediately received two anonymous phone calls in
which he was told, "If you don't drop this issue, you won't be
broadcasting from anywhere." He immediately stops doing any
stories on the issue.     

1993 Oct James Hammang, a brave Chicagoan hung a 30 foot long by
9 foot deep banner from a major Chicago underpass during rush
hour calling for the immediate release of Basil Wainwright, one
of the ozone political prisoners, and directing people to call
the above WHBN radio station in Florida doing a vigil on the
case.  Two Chicago TV stations news crews filmed it.  State
Police order it removed eventually, after letting it hang there
for most of the busy traffic time.  

1993 Oct. Dr. Jonathan Wright ozone using MD and nationally famed
victim of the "FDA guns drawn B vitamin bust". Is again visited
by FDA which takes 150+ pictures of his ozone machine and
subpoenas it for a Grand jury hearing to prosecute him for using

1993 Nov. Ken Theifault, a manufacturer of ozone water
purification machines who had his home busted into by armed FDA
agents in July is interviewed by Ed McCabe. He states;  
1. Ozone is completely grandfathered in Florida since ozone's use
in the 1800's pre-dates the FDA's existence. 2. You can't
discriminate and charge only one manufacturer, and the Thomas
Register is full of ozone machine manufacturers. 3. The FDA is
operating way outside its scope of authority and the original
statutes give it no such powers of search & seizure.  He is
planning on suing the FDA agents accordingly.  FDA Special Agent
Kent E. Walker Miami office "Agent in Charge" and Kerin Eberie
Special Agent sent letters to some who purchased the Theifault
machines stating (there is no proof of their claims) ozone is a
"fraudulent" treatment and that people "have died" using the
machines, and asking if this is the case, the next of kin should
turn in all letters and correspondence associated with the sale
of the machines.  Most contacted stated they were of the caustic
opinion that the FDA can "kiss their ...", and were only
concerned that the FDA might come for their machines and take
them.  Comment: Underground treatment groups and machine
suppliers are everywhere, and defectors from inside the
government and the media who have had enough of watching the
business-as-usual slaughter are all secretly joining in to help
the ozone movement.  They have seen what this can do with their
own eyes when used correctly, and they all refuse to be silenced
by the enemies of truth.  

Q. 3 "We've heard of Drs. Alwa, Atkins, Boyce, Wright, Turska,
and inventor Basil Wainright being bothered by the authorities.
What's going on?"   

A. The FDA has recently been supplemented by the addition of
funding for several hundred new agents, and instead of going
after the drug manufactures who are responsible for the hundreds
of thousands of deaths every year according to the government,
they have been told to go "get" the competition, the users of
"alternatives."   Dr. Atkins has voluntarily given up his
successful use of ozone while he litigates.  Dr. Rathna Alwa,
Milwalkee Wisconsin, is about to lose her license for using
ozone. Dr. Boyce was sent to Mississippi state prison for 5 years
on trumped up charges because of the use of ozone. Dr. Wright has
had his ozone machine subpoenaed before the Grand Jury.  Dr.
Turska was attacked by the FDA but WON because as a Naturopath,
he did not come under their jurisdiction! Basil Wainwright hopes
to win his release mid November.   They will continue their
rampage of stifling competitive research as long as you let them
get away with it. 

Q. 4 "What are the new publications from you?"  

A. My brand new 40+ page Nov 93 report "Ozone vs. AIDS" which is
the complete chronology of the ongoing battle between the enemies
of ozone and the heroes standing up against them.  On just a
single video the new Russian video I spoke of above is packaged
with a California TV show I did with a healed ozone using AIDS
patient. Call The Family News for price.  

Q. 5 "What can someone with a serious disease like AIDS or cancer
expect to go through when he/she gets treated with ozone?  

A. According to every interview I've done, in a word, lots of
detoxification.  Most doctors use combinations of natural foods,
colonics, daily ozone infusions, hydrogen peroxide baths or ozone
bagging, rectal ozone insufflation, peroxide drips, hyperbaric
therapy, possibly chelation or Rife type treatments, and other
therapies designed to boost the immune system.  The treatments
are usually 4 to six hours a day, daily for 6 to 8 weeks. During
such a heavy course, the body throws off all accumulated toxins
and unnatural substances. This flushing is sometimes
uncomfortable for a few days, and is accompanied perhaps with
short duration fever, swelling, nausea, diarrhea, etc.  Regular
use of colonics can remove most if not all of the adverse
reactions.   Since ozone eliminates all dead, feeble, weak,
diseased, and dying cells, often the T counts of AIDS patients
will drop as the infected T and other cells die off and are
replaced by healthy ones.  The replacement may take a while, and
since ozone changes the interferon levels, it signals the body
that it doesn't need T cells, so patients have to wait a couple
months after stopping ozone sometimes to see the T cell levels
rise back up.  Cancer patients have the same detoxifications. 
Remember, these therapies have the side benefit of going back and
cleaning out all of the waste from the body, all the stuff you
stuffed into you since childhood.  In this waste is where the
diseases hide. So, the patient must be prepared to stick with it. 
Get the new ozone report. Happy Oxygen!


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benefit," and Congressmen say we should "imprison anyone who 
promotes or uses ozone for 25 years as a felon," and doctors  
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