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"Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed speaker, 
investigative journalist, expert, and author of many books, tapes
and videos since the best selling book "Oxygen Therapies" came 
out in 1988.  Absolutely nothing herein is medical advice, or 
even intended to be medical advice, but merely an international 
public discussion of the oxygen therapy centered events, people, 
products, and methods being used worldwide.  




"Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed
speaker,investigative journalist, expert, and author of the
bestselling book "Oxygen Therapies."  Nothing herein is medical
advice, but merely an international public discussion of the
oxygen therapy centered events, products, and methods being used
worldwide.  Copyright 1993 by Ed McCabe.  

Q. 1. "What interviews have you done with stabilized oxygen

A. I have probably interviewed close to a thousand users to date. 
Almost all report an immediate increase in energy.  Those with
diseases reported improvement in the majority of cases, and some
cases were remarkable in their rapid positive response.  On radio
talk shows I spoke with many who had emphysema and found great
relief.  I've got video of a stroke patient lifting his arm over
his head, after being told he would never be able to do it.  I've
got video of interviews with olympic athletes using it break
previous records. I've even seen old dogs about to be "put down"
upon the advice of a veterinarian who started getting daily drops
and after a few weeks loose their limps and start running around
like puppies. 

  You see, all of life needs oxygen, and none of us or our
animals has enough of it.  When the missing oxygen is supplied,
the body functions finally get enough.  As Dr. Berg (double PhD
in this subject) said, these products enable the body to produce
hydrogen peroxide easily, and in quantity within our own cells. 
This is peroxide that the body should have been making for the
ATP and immune systems but couldn't for a lack of oxygen. 
Because of the stabilized oxygen products' easy availability and
greater stability they can be carried around easier, and the lack
of offensive taste like straight peroxide has, stabilized oxygen
is replacing straight H2O2 in many homes as the daily oxygen
supplement.  The flavored peroxide brands which taste good and
remain stable are also replacing the raw peroxide as the consumer
market matures.  

Q. 2.  "What has happened on the ozone scene in general?"  

A.  I'll just give you the recent updates to the ozone chronology
as of 4/1/93.  1992 Jan Dr. George Freibott reconstructs and then
operates the first prototype Nikola Tesla "Teslair" Octazone
generator at 8:42 PM on January 9th. The machine runs on either
12vdc or 110 ac.  This event marks the restoration of lost
technologies.  Now in production.  

1992 May Basil Wainright released from jail on parole.  Starts
building Polyatomic Apheresis units for clinical trials.  Designs
PAI ozone to interface with blood at 2 1/2 psi in relation to
blood flowing down a dimpled staircase.  1992 May 8th Associated
Press: Dr. Wayne Jonas, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.
Testifies before the North Carolina legislative panel. 
"Requiring that current medical practices be based on solid
scientific evidence is building our house on a rock.  Requiring
that such practices be 'prevailing' is building that house on
sand.  What is prevailing in medical practice shifts with the
wind of opinion and the tide of profit." 

1992 Sept - Dec. Dr. Michael Ingraham Nassau, Bahamas finished a
three month study of the Polyatomic unit treating 20 AIDS
patients.  7 turned p24 negative  

1992 World Health Organization announces 11 to 12 million are now
infected with HIV.  CDC says 206 thousand have AIDS, 140 thousand
have died from it.  AIDS is the second leading cause of death for
men 25 to 44 years of age.   

1992 Nov. Dr. Michael Ingraham in his Bahamian clinic, using the
Polyatomic Apheresis equipment reports an AIDS patient going p24

1992 Nov Ed McCabe has been on over 850 radio, TV and speaking
platforms educating about ozone. He spends a month in New Zealand
and Australia lecturing, doing radio interviews, and educating
doctors about ozone.  30 doctors in Australia start using it.  

1992 Dec. 277 Haitians imprisoned in HIV concentration camp.
Guantanamo Naval Base's Camp Bulkeley in Cuba is their home at a 
cost of $55 million.  

1992 Dec. Aids Patient Care Magazine publishes in Vol 6 No. 6
"Point Of View: A Case For Ozone Therapy" by Ed McCabe, a reprint
of Mr. McCabe's testimony before the NIH Office of Unconventional

1992 FDA announces the RU-486 abortion pill could be approved for
sale in the US based upon existing clinical trials in Europe
which "may well be sufficient to permit an adequate review" of
the drug by the federal agency, according to Carol R, Scheman
deputy FDA commissioner for external affairs.  Rep. Ron Wyden,
D-Ore.; "With this letter, the FDA is clearing a path for quick
approval, and is removing the regulatory roadblocks to permitting
this drug into the United States."   

Comment: Funny that no one at the FDA can read German and study
the over 6,000 clinical papers from 50 years of use giving
millions of dosages of ozone to humans in Germany alone, to
"remove the regulatory roadblocks."  Equally interesting is that
heart bypass operations were never approved by the FDA yet are

1993 Jan 3rd Seattle Times The pharmaceutical industry earns $55
billion a year, and is the most profitable business in America. 
Drug companies increase prices without fear, protected from
competition.  The General Accounting Office ran into a wall of
silence when it undertook a study of drug price inflation.  The
Office OF Technology Assessment said drug companies "have
demonstrated a willingness to actively resist providing access to
congressional agencies..."  The sales reps are everywhere.  The
typical U.S. doctor sees two or three a week.  The influence
begins the moment a medical or pharmacy student starts school and
receives a free stethoscope, free subscriptions, travel expenses
to visit drug companies, or a graduation present, all compliments
of a drug manufacturer.  Kenneth Feather, head of surveillance
and enforcement for the Food & Drug Administrations's drug
marketing division, added: "It's probably shocking to people who
don't know, to find out the almost total control that the
pharmaceutical industry has about the flow of medical
information." $13,000 per doctor per year is spent to influence
the medical treatments you get.  Senate hearings: Medical
education is determined by what the marketing department wants,
not what the doctors need. Drug companies spend $31 million a
year to lobby lawmakers.   

1993 Jan 9th Ed McCabe, during a lecture to the Human Ecology
Action League in room 218 of the Hunter School of Health Sciences
in New York City, presents to the media and those assembled 4
patients, three who were AIDS patients, and one cancer patient
who had ozone therapy.  One AIDS patient was PCR negative, two
were p24 and Western Blot negative, and the cancer patient had
watched a tumor the size of a "kiwi fruit" (5.5cm mass) disappear
from her liver.  All cases had complete before and after medical
documentation.  Mr. Carl Vollmer paid all expenses for two of the
AIDS patients to be treated in Mexico so we could start getting
solid data for critics to see.  He was arrested in NYC for
stating ozone could turn people HIV negative.  

1993 Jan 13, 4 days after Ed McCabe presents reversed AIDS cases
to NYC public... Mr. Carl Vollmer is the man who never took a
dime from anyone for treatments, but as a humanitarian, out of
his own pocket, paid for the two AIDS patients to be housed, fed,
and treated for sixty days.  Mr Vollmer suddenly has 4 of the NYC
Attorney General Police descend upon his office.  Wearing
bulletproof vests they stayed six and one half hours seizing
documents, files, addresses, letters, contacts, investments, bank
records, and videotapes.  They seized everything having to do
with the clinic in Mexico, completely shutting it down in the
middle of their trying to get the data the NIH is asking for, and
thus preventing it from surfacing. 

1993 Jan Raymond Zufer, patient in El Paso clinical study was
stage 4 terminal cancer.  Took 2 Polyatomic treatments and
condition reversed.  

1993 Feb 6 Joe McCord at the Webb-Waring Institute for Biomedical
Research in Denver shows the HIV virus suppresses the body's
production of Super Oxide Dismutase, the enzyme "that keeps cells
healthy, and keeps the HIV virus in check."   Comment: SOD makes
hydrogen peroxide in the body, which releases singlet oxygen,
which kills viruses.  

1993 Feb Brad Anderson, self treating 11 year AIDS patient using
a combination of ozone, Homozone, and other oxidative and natural
protocols appears on CBS TV's "48 Hours" AIDS program and
declares "I'm going to live forever!  

1993 Feb Dr. Robert Atkins, an ozone using physician with
hundreds of patients is the target of a complaint to New York
state authorities by Dr. Paul Gennis who stated "I can't imagine
what benefit ozone would have.  It sounds like quackery to me."  

1993 Feb, Dr. Jacob Swilling treating cancer and degenerative
disease at his Mexican clinic with Polyatomic equipment reports
"continuing success."  

1993 Feb 25th on the strength of Ed McCabe's lectures last
February in Australia, 20 AIDS patients and three cancer patients
travel from Australia to Cebu City in the Philippines to start
treatment on the Polyatomic Apheresis equipment.  The clinic's
organizer, Mr. Bob Graham is hounded by Australia's "Current
Affair" TV program accusing him of running a scam before the
clinical trials even start.  The trials start anyway. Mr. Graham
mortgages his house to fund the trials, but the money runs out
halfway through.  The clinic has three Filipino doctors and one
American doctor.  All patients following protocols reporting
dramatic improvements in their health and feeling of well being. 

1993 Mar, Dr. Jacob Swilling continuing to have success with the
Polyatomic Apheresis equipment in his Mexican clinic has the FDA
visit his California office.   

1993 Mar, Constant pressure from Australian media and US
competitive interests ("Mr. Mayor, everyone knows ozone is
absolutely a scam, and do you really want foreign AIDS patients
in your city spreading the disease around to your citizens?")
forces Mayor of Cebu City to send police with machine guns into
clinic to arrest everyone, including Sue Ann Taylor, independent
U.S. network television journalist who was there videotaping the
study.  Her tapes are stolen.  All passports are taken, all
people are deported.  Again, clinical trial halted in its tracks
before data could be collected.  Australian media ablaze with
nightly reports of the "scam" clinic, newspapers headline
completely false stories about "Ozone room of death," due to a
terminal patient's passing away upon arrival.  Very little
mention in the media of actual patients who were treated the
longest - some were in the chair for up to 8 hours - who all are
doing much better.   Local Cebu City villagers demonstrate on
behalf of patients right to have a clinic.  Some Australian news
outlets start doing balanced reports and say "They use it in
Europe, why not test it here?"    

Comment: Pick any hospital that treats AIDS patients, ask the
administration how many patients died in their hospital in the
last thirty days.  Do we see armed police going into these
hospitals and arresting everyone?   

Media:   "Ozone doesn't work." 
Doctors: "Can you prove it doesn't work?"          
Media:   "Well, we've seen no data."           
Doctors: "Don't you think that's because you haven't looked
         for any data, and keep pressuring and arresting 
         anyone trying to collect and give you the data?"  

1993  Mar 15th Dr. Frank Shallenberger, of Nevada, using a
Polyatomic chair for about six months and getting great results
with AIDS patients states if he "could get a patient to volunteer
to be treated for 8 hours in the chair, he is convinced he could
be turned PCR negative."  Clinic is raided by the FDA.  FDA
seized the 2 Polyatomic set- ups so no more AIDS patients can be
treated by him. Despite the fact that he had great documented

1993 Dr. Benjamin Lau at Loma Linda CA University continues
ongoing successful in vitro polyatomic blood studies proving the
polyatomic method could purify whole donor blood.  FDA raids him,
but declares him "squeaky clean" because he isn't using it on
people.  Dr. Lau says the results are "very promising.  

1993 Dr. Medical Center has achieved 100% viral kill in over 40
degenerative diseases using polyatomic apheresis equipment during
ongoing studies. " 

1993 Mr. Basil Wainright now out on parole, who never went to
trial, yet was imprisoned for 2 years because he dared to tell
people what the German Doctors know as fact, that ozone could
successfully treat disease, leaves the state and returns after
getting a state parole travel pass.  Feds drag him out of bed at
7AM and announce he violated his Federal parole by leaving the
state without obtaining a Federal pass. No one ever told him he
was even under Federal parole, or that he needed a pass.  He is
thrown back into Federal prison, halting all further expansion of
the Polyatomic Apheresis concept.  

1993 Orange County Register: One in six children born in New York
City are HIV positive.  The World Health Organization predicts
one-third of the World's population will get AIDS.   

Q. 3. How can some people turn sero negative (HIV negative) and
then go back positive after having a course of         ozone

A. Easy.  They didn't get ozone strong enough or deep enough or
long enough.  To explain, here's a copy of my address to the
International Bio-oxidative Medicine Foundation's fourth annual
meeting in Reston, Virginia, April 1993:   


Ever hear this one?  "I know someone who 'got ozone.' They said
it doesn't work."   Or, "I gave them the shot of ozone, but they
still died anyway." Why doesn't ozone work in every case? Why do
some AIDS patients using ozone turn HIV negative for a little
while, then go back to positive?  Why?  Because even among all
the ozone doctors only a few rare souls understand the back-away-
and-look-at-the-whole-thing concept.  

The concept is simple: The human body is 66% water.  In a 150
pound man there would be 100 pounds of water.  It divides up like
this:  Percentage of water making up tissues, organs, fluids and
bone in the human body.  Brain  75%    Heart 75%    Lungs 86%   
Muscle 75%    Liver 85%  Kidney 83%    Bone 22%     Blood 83%   
Saliva 95%    Perspiration 95%   Some are conditioned to think of
ozone as "another drug."  It would be useful to take a minute and
forget the idea of putting a little drug in the body to bring
about changes,  and instead look at our task of cleaning up 100
pounds of water as if you were not a doctor, but as an engineer
approaching a mechanical problem.  Away from the human body, how
would you physically completely detoxify and completely purify
100 pounds of dirty, disease laden water?  You would micro-bubble
a lot of strong ozone through it for a long time while running it
through filters. This would rid our 100 pounds of water of any
bacteria, viruses, funguses, pathogens, and any other toxic
contamination.   Take your thoughts back to the human body.  How
are you going to completely purify 100 pounds of body water?  By
putting 10cc's of low concentration ozone in a muscle?  Of course
not.  That may bring about minor blood chemistry changes, but
complete purification?  No.  

You must flood the body with singlet oxygen long enough to purify
it, and at a rate slow enough so that the filters (organs of
elimination) won't clog.  The only way to achieve optimum
purification or healing using ozone.  Our 150 pound man with 100
pounds of water has approximately 12 pints of blood in him.  His
blood is 83% water, so in our case therefore, about 10 pounds of
water.  Even if you completely purify the bloodstream, you are
only purifying 10% of the dirty water problem.  The blood
circulates through the body 12 to twenty times per minute, but
what about the lymph?  Here's what the AMA said in a "Today's
Health" article December, 1964, by J.D. Ratcliff.  "The lymph ...
As vital as the main bloodstream, the intricate and all but
invisible lymphatic network... It is one of the world's rivers of
mystery - sluggish, largely unmapped, many miles long.  The
lymphatic system has puzzled physiologists since early greek
times... our health, even our lives depend upon how well this
complex system functions.  In contrast to the bloodstream, which
follows a swift flowing closed circuit from arteries to
capillaries to veins and then back to arteries, the lymphatic
system flows slowly in a single direction.  Its initial rivulets
- microscopic in dimension -originate in intercellular spaces. 
Fluid gathered here passes through ever enlarging ducts until it
reaches the lower neck region, where it empties into veins
leading to the heart to be mixed back into the blood. (Note: It
takes 24 hours for the lymph to completely circulate through the

Much of the mystery surrounding the lymphatic system traces to
the fact that most of its ducts are so fragile that they are
invisible - the smallest have walls of only one cell thickness. 
And the fluid they carry is ordinarily almost as clear as water. 
Moreover, at the touch of a probe, all but the largest lymphatic
vessels collapse, as they do at death. Exploring such a gossamer
stream has called for supreme ingenuity.  In many respects the
body is like a vast swamp.  Its trillions of fluid bathed cells
live an aquatic life. The lymphatic network provides an all
important drainage system."  

So when you're up to your neck in alligators (facing terminal
disease) its hard to remember that your original objective was to
drain the vast swamp.  To purify the water, all of it, beyond the
blood, into the lymph, into the gossamer passageways, through the
organs, within the cell walls themselves, even the aquatic life
surrounding the DNA, how are you going to do it?  The Germans
clean a pint or more of blood three times a week.  Pioneers in
the U.S. inject several syringes of oxygen/ozone into the
bloodstream once a day for six weeks and get great results, but
are we even close to what is needed? 

Blood and lymph eventually carry oxygen to every cell, but what
about the hidden backwaters of the swamp?  Maybe the present
methods work, but can we improve the delivery system?  There are
four devices now on the market to answer the call of approaching
total purification:  

Ozone Body Bagging. Plastic or ripstop nylon bags with
drawstrings at the neck and cuffs, some with legs, some without. 
The patient takes a shower and while still wet with the pores
"open" he completely covers his body, except his head, within a
big bag.  The bag is pumped full of ozone made from pure oxygen,
the skin absorbs the gas right through the skin into the lymph

The Aquacizer. The patient reclines in a large "clamshell"
chamber with head protruding outside while micro nozzles spray
warm ultrapure water homogenized with pure oxygen ozone onto the
body.  The skin capillaries dilate and discharge toxins into the
very hungry 10 megohm ultrapure water, and absorb ozone into the
skin, lymph and bloodstream at the same time.  

Hyperbaric Chambers.  Patients lie or sit in a pressurized oxygen
atmosphere.  The oxygen pressure on their whole body harmlessly
forces oxygen through their skin and deep into the most hidden
body cavities. The successful clinics use them.  

The Polyatomic Apheresis Unit. This has to be the most advanced
medical ozone delivery system to date.  The patient lies in a
reclined chair while blood is withdrawn out of one arm, ozonated
at slight pressure continually, and pumped into the other arm.  A
one hour treatment alone might be superior to any other ozone
delivery method. The FDA seizes these as fast as they can find
them.  Recent clinical trials had a few patients circulating in
the chair for over eight hours!  Imagine the volume of blood,
lymph, and organ purification in a 8 hour treatment.  Now combine
Polyatomic Apheresis with The Aquacizer and hyperbarics.  Total
purification inside and out.  A little ozone can clean the blood
up so well that an immediate blood test will show a state of
health, but unless all the little gossamer ducts are cleaned up,
after a few days of the lymph recirculating, doing its job of
picking up debris and remixing with the blood, a person could
test positive again for a virus.  The original PCR HIV test
sensed one viral particle in one thousand units, now it detects
one particle in two million. 

"To be and remain totally PCR or any virus negative - 
    All the patient body water must be totally purified."    
                              -Ed McCabe


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