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Questions about oxygen's use in the treatment of disease that 
were commonly put to Ed McCabe - the author of "Oxygen 
Therapies," and undisputed leading journalist specializing in 
uncovering the truth about oxygen therapies for the benefit of 
humanity -  complete with the answers given in his syndicated 
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"Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed speaker, 
investigative journalist, expert, and author of many books, tapes
and videos since the best selling book "Oxygen Therapies" came 
out in 1988.  Absolutely nothing herein is medical advice, or 
even intended to be medical advice, but merely an international 
public discussion of the oxygen therapy centered events, people, 
products, and methods being used worldwide.  



             1/1/92  "

Mr. Oxygen" is Ed McCabe, internationally acclaimed
speaker,investigative journalist, expert, and author of the
bestselling book "Oxygen Therapies."  Nothing herein is medical
advice, but merely an international public discussion of the
oxygen therapy centered events, products, and methods being used
worldwide.  Copyright 1992 by Ed McCabe.  

1. Should I speak to my doctor about oxygen therapies?  

Absolutely!  We need to have a lot more "oxygen" dialogue going
on among lay persons and professionals.  In general, there is
nothing to be gained by hiding information about oxygen
therapies, only more announcements to be made as the reports of
total healings continue to pile up.  If your doctor has not lost
his/her human compassion, he will listen to you with an open
heart IF you have studied my book and all the other evidence, and
can cite references with confidence.  However, if your physician
or other health care provider has an ego that outpaces their
title of healer, you may be in for a rough go of it.    

The problem is always that, unlike their European counterparts,
US physicians are taught nothing about any oxidative modality
during med school or their clinical training.  Some physicians
close their eyes to our healthcare system being just as rife with
political corruption and human frailties as any other billion
dollar business, and wrongly assume that if THEY didn't hear of a
treatment before the lay person, it must not be effective. 

  The majority medical profession is losing big money as more
healthcare consumers become knowledgeable about alternatives that
actually work and go elsewhere to get them.  Out of ego,
ignorance or just plain "to knock off the competition," actual
war is being waged by the establishment under the banner of
"protecting the public."  This includes SWAT team raids on the
clinics of ozone using AIDS and cancer curing MD's.  The general
public never hears anything except "quacks busted," and even
cheers that their father figure has "protected" them again.  I
have interviewed hundreds of oxygen therapy using practitioners
in many countries, and the doctors who have used it properly
never give it up.  They all state it works.  They never leave it,
unless forced to.  Let's remember the words of Justice J. Jackson
who said in "Brinegar v. U.S. at 180-181 (1949)"    
    -  "Who will protect us from our protectors?" 

In the U.S., oxygen therapies find themselves in a position
comparable to Psychiatry, Chiropractic, and the necessity that a
surgeon wash his hands before surgery.  They were all once
considered "quackery."  Although fully documented, oxygen
therapies in the U.S. are presently used by only a minority - and
therefore subject to all of the injustices classically endured by
any minority.  

If you have the right physician, he won't become irrational if
you try and discuss oxygen therapies calmly and intelligently
with him, and if he really is in the business of wanting above
all to help his patients, he will probably ask for more
information.  If you're unlucky, and your physician cares more
about his ego than actually finding out how to heal his patient,
and he does go over the edge, he may actually go so far as to get
court orders against your right to choose!  So proceed slowly and
intelligently with your mission of educating him.  And I do hope
you choose to accept this mission.  

2. Why is 35% Food Grade H2O2 getting so hard to find?  

I have seen this scenario over and over.  People who sell it are
almost always people who once had an illness, followed the
established protocols exactly, and oxygenated themselves slowly
and properly with diluted solutions of H2O2, and consequently
reported that whatever was wrong with them went away.  

Excited by the possibility of a simple and effective way to help
their fellow man to be rid of unnecessary suffering, with
missionary zeal they start buying the food grade 35% from the
local chemical supply house and then start distributing it. 
Their distribution volume grows as more people hear of it, start
taking it, and consequently get well.  They move into wholesaling
and retail sales, but in their enthusiasm they get careless and
start making what they consider to be truthful printed or verbal
"claims" for it - which the authorities call "labeling" - and
soon the SWAT team swoops down, having been sent by the
competitive product Lords.  The sheriff drags the well meaning
zealots (usually fixed income grandmothers) out of bed in the
middle of the night, dressed in their bedclothes, slaps them in
leg irons, and off to jail they go, surrounded by unmanacled
crack pushers.  Meanwhile their homes are ransacked, and the
litigation drags on for months, draining their meager bank
accounts.  All from trying to help their fellow man to a better

Higher concentrations of peroxide without poisonous stabilizers
are volitle, they swell up the bottles and outgass the oxygen. 
For these reasons they are hard to ship, incur liability, and the
people handling it are constantly having their fingers turn white
and sting, as it attacks the calluses, dead cells, and bacteria
on their hands.  Manufacturers and distributors don't want to
incur the legal liability of uneducated people ingesting these
unstabilized high concentrations without being under a doctor's
care, so they pull it back from distribution.  Although all these
problems can be easily solved, for these and the above reasons it
is getting harder and harder to find 35% peroxide.

Fortunately, the aloe/peroxide stabilized blends have been
commonly sold by mail order for years, and now come in a variety
of flavors.  They are pleasant tasting, store well, ship easily,
and when taken in sufficient quantity, for a sufficient length of
time, their users that I interviewed have reported the same

3. Can you give us an AIDS/ozone update?  Gladly, here is some
new ammunition in your war on ignorance.  This short partial
chronology is excerpted from my new audio tape "Breaking The
Silence:"  Please buy it.  This information needs wide
dissemination, and book and tape sales keep us going.  

1988 Ed McCabe's "Oxygen Therapies" book details 5 AIDS patients
returned to health by ozone therapy in Germany by Dr. Preuss

1989 Medizone still being refused ozone/AIDS human testing
permission despite 50 years of safe and effective use on hundreds
of thousands in Germany.  Medizone stock price still under a

1990 March 11 HIV infected blood was converted from HIV+ to HIV-
in less than 16 seconds in vitro by inventor Basil Wainwright who
commissioned Biotest Labs, Miami, Fl to test his recirculatory
patient/blood/ozone closed loop "Polyatomic Apheresis" technology
on blood from an AIDS patient.  A Mr. James Pauls Sr. (HIV+) was
treated, at a low flow recirculation rate of 50 to 70 milliliters
per minute, in only eight treatments a 220% improvement in his
T/4 cell response was achieved.  FDA and Florida officials move
in and the study is aborted midstream, and Wainwright jailed,
being charged with "Practicing medicine without a license," and
"Fraud." FDA claims ozone has "no known medical applications." 
Strangely, police specifically look only for and seize all
technical papers in raid of Wainwright home, instead of evidence
of crimes he was charged with.  High flow rate (350-450
milliliters of blood per min.) recirculatory equipment was in the
final stages of development at the time of the raid.

1990 Michael Carpendale M.D. & Joel Freeberg M.D., Veteran's
Administration Hospital, San Francisco, UC Medical School San
Francisco, Bay Medical Research Foundation, San Francisco.
Privately published medical paper: "Ozone Inactivates HIV At
Noncytotoxic Concentrations "HIV p24 was reduced in all treated
cultures compared to controls."

MD's  Wells, Latino, Galvachin, Poiesz finally published in U.S.
medical journal.  "Inactivation Of HIV Type 1 by Ozone In Vitro"
In a major breakthrough for U.S. medical thinking, "Blood," a
well respected establishment peer reviewed U.S. medical journal
of hematology, published the research of Dr. Bernard Poiesz from
Syracuse State University New York Research Hospital.  They
performed 15 replications of an ozone study that interfaced ozone
with HIV infected factor 8 blood.  The ozone completely removed
the HIV virus from the blood, yet was non toxic to the normal
healthy blood components.  If ozone works so effectively (97 to
100% kill) on the most virulent recombinant virus known to man,
how much more effective is it in the treatment of ALL the other
lesser viruses, thereby negating the need for all the allopathic
vaccines and antibiotics for polio, measles, chicken pox, mumps,
swine flu, colds, legionnaire's disease, etc.?  Think about it.

1991 Oct. Jim Caplan at CAPMED in Philadelphia sends all 150 top
U.S. AIDS researchers copies of the Journal of Hematology report
showing that ozone, when used as a viricide, eliminated HIV.  He
invites questions or responses.  Not one response was received
from any of these "top" researchers who use tax money to "find a

1991 Dr. Robert Mayer (using ozone in his medical practice since
the forties) has late stage AIDS patients in his research center
clinical study who only have a count of 5 T cells.  Normal is
600- 1500+.  Although they have a count of only 5 T cells, they
are completely healthy. In a hope indicating development, the
local FDA office told Dr. Mayer to go ahead and use ozone, as
long as he only makes it himself in his own office.

1991 Movie and rock stars heroically donate, collectively and
individually, millions of dollars to various places to "find a
cure."  Money disappears into The System, is never seen again. 

1991 Sept issue of The National Health Federation's "Health
Freedom News" prints an article calling for a Congressional
investigation of the FDA.  "The beneficiaries of these FDA
policies are the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmacists,
physicians, hospitals - and morticians - not the public... There
is conclusive evidence that more than 150 top FDA officials own
shares of pharmaceutical- company stock... the skewed policies of
the FDA are heavily influenced by that fact."

1991 U.S. MD in southern state comes forward with clinical
ozone/hyperbaric therapy results.  Testing verified at major
hospital and independent labs.  248 HIV POSITIVE patients were
brought to HIV NEGATIVE, each within 60 Days.  Swat team invades
his house and office, including threatening his family at
gunpoint, in order to seize his ozone machine, patient records
and computer.  He is brought up on charges of "Using an
unapproved medical device" (his medical ozone generator).  The MD
gives up medicine, & turns to farming.  His former patients fear
going public.

1991 Summer  US big national talk show host is interviewing
audience members and appearing concerned about AIDS.  A man
stands up & says he went to Germany and got ozone treatments and
feels great.  The big name host quickly took back the mike and
said "Yeah, but I heard that doesn't work," whereupon the man
quickly took back the mike and said "I don't care what they say,
I'm going back for more!" The audience broke out in a spontaneous
burst of applause for him.  The host quickly changed the subject. 
Mistrust of authority is growing.  Meanwhile, the AMA hires
"image consultants" to repair the sagging image and lost revenues
of allopathic (drug oriented) medicine.  Start showing cutsey ads
on TV saying "Care about the environment."  Industry analyst says
on national TV, "I don't care about their image, they better
start using therapies that work." 

1991 2 US MD's come forward with clinical combination ozone/DMSO
results. 9 patients brought from HIV POSITIVE to HIV NEGATIVE -
each within 30 days.  Neither doctor will allow details or their
names to be used due to fear of reprisals.

1991 New York physician comes forward with clinical ozone
results. Staff member brought from HIV POSITIVE to HIV NEGATIVE.
T-cells go from 700 down to 150 as ozone kills off diseased
cells, and then back up to 11,000 as the body replaces them with
fresh, new, healthy cells.

1991 Dec "Prime Time Live" has first US TV network segment
mentioning medical ozone use - in this case by a by Dr. Roka in
Switzerland.  Even though the AIDS patient who was interviewed
had only started using the treatment two weeks previously, he
gave a glowing report on ozone therapy saying he "Hasn't felt
this good in a long time... and was going to call his mother and
tell her!"  The network ended the segment with a supposed
"expert" US doctor, - an "expert" with no clinical training or
experience in any oxidative modality - who by implication assured
all the viewers that any ozone users would become "demented."  No
mention is made in the program that the TV networks have
interlocking directorates with companies selling competing
products (drugs), and therefore have vested interests in seeing
ozone discredited.

1991 Dec 16 Barron's - a major established weekly financial
magazine - prints the usual media pronouncements: "10 Years since
the first AIDS cases were discovered, the disease continues to
spread inexorably, and medical science seems no closer to a cure
or a preventative." and,  "(in the next 8-9 years)... the number
of people testing positive for the virus will mount to 40
million, up (364%) from 11 million now." and, "AIDS has become
the second leading cause of death for men between the ages of
25-44" and, "These grim totals are significantly understated"
and, "The Department of Health And Human Services states the cost
of care this year for HIV positive patients is $5.8 billion, and
will double in two years." and, "available treatments have only
marginally extended the lives of most patients, and some of the
more effective drugs are marred by significant toxicities of
their own...AZT is highly toxic...FDA approved DDI October 1991.
DDI side effects are 'occasionally fatal' pancreatitis,
peripheral neuropathy... sometimes the patient can't walk." and,
"solutions are years away ... up to 25 years away."    

Here's where the statistics get interesting.  Barron's continues:
"Tax supported NIH - National Institute of Health's AIDS research
budget rises to 851 million dollars, up from zero 10 years ago. 
As of August 1991, the manufacturer of AZT took in $315 million
dollars on sales of it."   Present Thousands of German/European
MD's are getting rid of AIDS and many other diseases in thousands
of patients with the continuing use of various ozone therapies. 
Reports come in that many get AIDS but don't want to give up a
partying lifestyle.  They get treated, become healthy, and they
are so unconcerned about the disease and confident about ozone
that they re-infect themselves again through continuing unsafe
sexual activity.  No appreciable side effects surface in the
treatments.  Almost all diseases respond favorably.  Over 5,000
medical ozone machines presently in use by as many doctors.

END 1991      126,000 Americans have officially died of AIDS. By
the end of 1991, author Ed McCabe had spent the last three years
working many 17 hour days trying to get ozone off the back
streets and into the mainstream so there wouldn't have to be all
this unnecessary suffering, expense, and lingering death.  To
date he has completed over 550 Radio/TV/Speaking appearances, and
sold - by word of mouth, without a major publisher's help - over
40,000 copies of his print-the-unfinished-work-in-progress
"Oxygen Therapies" book.  Major publishers so far refuse to print
the revised edition, strangely claiming "It's not in the public
debate."  Excuse me?  126,000 deaths are not worthy of public
debate? ? ? 
PRESENT  $Millions of dollars, $Billions of dollars.  If you saw
the movie "JFK" you know how it works.  These big companies,
labs, doctors, their families, the towns they shop, operate, and
pay taxes in, the radio, TV and newspapers they advertise in,
would any of these people want all this new windfall boom
industry money to suddenly go away if a solution is actually
announced and implemented?  Even if delay means the eventual
death of 2/3rds of our population?  If humanity continues to
choose short term greed or unquestioning reliance upon authority
figures as a lifestyle, I'm afraid the answer will continue to be
"No, let's ignore the death around us and bury our heads in the
sand so I can keep my nice car."  BUT, if humanity as a whole
wakes up and takes responsibility for itself soon, we just might
save ourselves.  I see the awakening coming from the direction of
the littlest of the "little guys," those who never spoke up
before, but who are now starting to realize that they are being
conned by the system, and all it takes for evil to win is to have
good men and women like themselves continue to do nothing. 

  The AIDS disease is spreading like wildfire throughout the
lower socioeconomic classes.  These are the people who work for
minimum wage and package and serve the nation's food supply.  The
virus lives outside the body UP TO SEVEN DAYS.  All the
executives ignoring the problem, and all the tax money supported
researchers ignoring ozone, and all the phoney experts
discrediting ozone, they all have to eat.  And eat they shall, of
the bitter harvest of their own making.  The harvest of inaction. 
Of trying to make a few more dollars off the dying because the
sickness hasn't struck their own family yet.  Of not helping
their less fortunate brothers and sisters when they should have,
and of not taking responsibility for their own lives.  Their sins
are coming into their homes to visit and live with them.  Then
where will they drive their shiny new car every day?  First to
the AIDS ward, and then to the cemetery.  When what's left of the
public realizes they have been lied to every step of the way, and
that their family didn't have to die slow tortuous deaths,
they're gonna be pissed.  Already people with AIDS are sleeping
around on purpose trying to "get even" at random.  If you have
any humanity left in you, you will stop being afraid of speaking
up, turn off that TV, eliminate the action robbing substance
abuse, and take up this crusade to implement medical ozone right

4. Ed, What's new with you?    

I locked myself in this winter to find time to produce two new
audio tapes which are now available through "The Family News" as
of this issue.  First is "An Introduction to Oxygen Therapies: Is
This The Answer To Colds, Flu, AIDS, Cancer, & Most All Disease?"
a publicly and privately recorded overview of our favorite oxygen
subject detailing the causes of all disease, and all the oxygen
therapies that are available.  Those of you helping to spread the
message should consider buying a quantity - discounts available,
or even a case to pass out.  This tape is a great introduction
for people too busy to read my book.  

Secondly, I have a new tape geared for the active among us, and
for those facing death who want proof, yet are not quite sure if
medical ozone is real.  This tape is a full chronological history
and update on the significant milestones in the medical use of
ozone, especially in treating AIDS and cancer.  This ozone tape
is called "Breaking The Silence." Buy lots of them so I can keep
going.  An introductory video, the new ozone book, the revision
of the intro book, and more surprises will be available soon.  In
Conclusion:  It hasn't been easy over the years tracking down and
documenting fragments of scattered rumors, trying to calm highly
creative independent thinking experts feuding among themselves,
fighting for respect and decent billing at health expos, fighting
for airtime and speaking engagements, trying to help mold a
positive public and industry consciousness, paying the huge phone
and travel expenses, sleeping on floors and in strange motels,
being away from home, enduring the "glamour" of bad food, cramped
seats, jet fuel and cigarette stink while carrying heavy luggage
and books through rental car and airport terminals, being
insulted on TV, and even arriving at all at the point where we
are today, in debt, and without any financial support.  But, I
keep going because so many people have gone out of their way to
walk up to me, look me in the eye, and thank me from the bottom
of their heart, and I knew they meant it.  I keep going because
people like Johnny T, the editor of "The Family News" and I know
what we know, all the way inside.  We don't dare stop.  To let
the suffering continue without trying to turn it would be to die
at Soul level.  

I know oxygen therapies worked for me and thousands I've met, and
even though the unenlightened mass consciousness fights change at
every turn, these therapies will become a major means of survival
for the human race.  Large and small contributions will be
gratefully accepted to help finance these expensive projects. 
Keep those questions coming in. Thanks, and Happy Oxygen! 


Mr. McCabe's oxygen therapies series of books, tapes and videos, 
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the new events for the chronology of ozone events, with over 120
medical ozone references and embedded comments by Ed McCabe is 
available from The Family News as a publication.

At the urging of many in our oxygen family, The Not For Profit 
"Foundation For The Advancement of Oxygen Therapies" has finally 
been formed.  Our stated purpose: We are bringing our case to the 
public by educating them that oxygen supplements, therapies and 
related activities are historically inexpensive, safe, and proven 
effective when used as directed by competently trained healthcare 
professionals.  We are using education, the media, and soon, with 
your help, aggressive research as proof to silence whomever 
postures against oxygen, your very right to life itself.

While America dies of AIDS, Tuberculosis and a host of other 
diseases, and the FDA stands before Congress and declares as 
truth that "there is no evidence that ozone has any medical 
benefit," and Congressmen say we should "imprison anyone who 
promotes or uses ozone for 25 years as a felon," and doctors  
curing diseases are railroaded into prison, and homes are broken 
into by government agents seizing ozone machines, things have 
gone way too far.  They are referring to us. You and me and our 
friends.  Won't you please become a contributing member by 
joining the foundation today?  Donations will be in a segregated 
account and only used for our stated agenda.  Please send your 
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  Thanks, and Happy Oxygen!