OxyFile #594

Immunological Effect of Ozone (O3/O2) in Rheumatic Diseases

Z. Fahmy
6550 Bad Kreuznach, Germany


The therapeutical application of ozone has proven its value in 
compensated autoimmune diseases as a support of immunsuppressiva 
therapy.  Through ozone therapy, a rapid and effective elimination of 
pathological macromolecules and mediators is attained.

Ozone and its popularity undoubtedly stems from the fact that it is 
less toxic than most other immunosuppressiva agents, rather than from 
is less efficacy.

In clinical study 24 patients with rheumatoid arthritis were treated 
for 6 months with ozone as single therapy in combined form 
(nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug or disease modifying 
antirheumatic drugs DMARDs).

Ozone has shown clinically and biochemically superior in combined 
form than single form.

Ozone also demonstrate the ability to modulate cytoxine production.

Publish Date: 1994