OxyFile #589

Evaluation of Ozone Therapy in Humans and in Animals Infected with 
Giardia Lamblia

A. Gell, S. Menendez, M. Gomez, A. Ruiz, O. Perez, M. Lastre, L. Eng

"Dr. Pedro Kouri" Institute of Tropical Medicine, Havana, Cuba
National Center for Research Scientific, P.O. Box 6990, Havana, Cuba


Animals infected with Giardia Lamblia received treatment 
intragastrically with ozonized water and oil for periods of 1, 5, and 
10 days, obtaining high percent of healing: 80% at the 5th day of 
treatment with ozonized water and 100% at the 3rd day with ozonized 
oil.  Forty patients were treated with ozonized water and 40 with 
capsules of ozonized oil, attaining 97.5% completely cured in both 
cases.  Treatment periods fluctuated between 5 and 10 days.

Publish Date: 1991