OxyFile #584

Application of Ozonized Oil in the Treatment of Infantile Giardiasis

S. Menendez, M.E. Gonzalez, E. Blanco Rabasa, and L. Eng

Ozone Research Center.  National Center for Scientific Research
Central Havana Pediatric Hospital


The effectiveness of ozonized oil, Oleozon-A, orally, in the 
treatment of children infected by Giardia lamblia was evaluated.  222 
children, from 7 months to 14 years were studied.  The diagnosis of 
giardiasis was confirmed by fecal heces or duodenal gavage.  Oleozon-
A was dosified by drops or capsules, according to age.  With the 
pattern of treatment proposed, 79% of cured children were achieved.

Publish Date: 1995