OxyFile #562

Biochemical Safety Control in Ozonetherapy

Kontorschikova C.N.
Medical Academy
Nizhni Novgorod,


The use of ozone in medicine as well as elaboration of new approaches 
require due control on safety.  It should be considered that 
according to the concentration ozone can:

1. present acertain threat for the intensification of free-radical 
2. to maintain dynamic balance of pro- and antioxidant systems of the 
organism responsible for the regulation of the membrane structure and 

The results of our experiments in vivo and vitro made it possible to 
assess chemoluminescence, molecular products of lipidperoxidation, 
general antioxidant activity and to suggest then to be used as 
control methods.  Efficiency of these methods was confirmed by 
ozonetherapy in different pathologies.

Date: 1995