OxyFile #560

Subcutaneous Oxygen-Ozone Therapy in Indurative Hypodermatitis and in 
Localised Lipodystropies: A Clinical Study of Efficacy and 

Franzini M.*, Bignamini A.**, Micheletti P.***,
Valdenassi L.***, Agostini G.****, Richelmi P.***, Berte F.***

* President of the Italian Scientific Association for Oxygen-ozone 
Therapy, via Passo del Vivione, 7 - Bergamo

** FRSM, FRSS Viale Romagna 48, Milano

*** Institute of Pharmacology II, First Faculty of Medicine and 
Surgery, Piazza Botta, 10 - University of Pavia

**** Chair of Medical Hydrology - University of Pisa


A multicentric, prospective, randomized, open study was carried out on 
117 subjects with indurative hypodermatitis or localized lipodystrophy 
to determine the efficacy and tolerability of oxygen-ozone therapy as 
compared with a topical preparation.  The experiments were co-
ordinated by the Institute of Pharmacology II, University of Pavia.  
The applications were in according to a protocol previously 
established; efficacy, determined by evaluation of variuos specific 
parameters gave significantly better results for oxygen-ozone therapy 
than the topical control.  The study shows the greater efficiency of 
this therapy for no-adverse events and collateral results.

Date: 1995