OxyFile #559

Application of Ozonotherapy in Complex Treatment of Inner Female 
Genital Inflammatory Diseases

Natalya M. Shaschova, Tatjana S. Kachalina, M.D., Alisina L. 
Nevmjatullin, M.D.

Medical Academy
N. Novgorod


The present investigation concerns the study of ozonotherapy effect on 
the course of female genital inflammatory diseases.  The method of 
ozone application presented intravenous infusions of ozonized NaCI 
physiologic salt solution (saline).  70 patients were treated, control 
group included 30 patients.  Effectiveness of treatment was evaluated 
according to the results of clinical observation and a number of 
laboratory data as well.  Midl course of the disease was noted in the 
basic group in comparance with the control one.  Laboratory test 
showed the following: LP activiti in the control group was maintained, 
tendency of decreasing Tr/Ts index and phagocytosis indices 
(spontaneaus hemiluminescence, induced hemiluminescence - SHL, IHL) 
was marked and the level of the middle molecules remained increased.  
The basic groups showed normalization of LP, optimization of TR/TS 
index, increase of phagocytic activity, decrease of middle molecule 
level.  All this mentioned above, allows to draw a conclusion about 
the effectiveness of ozonotherapy as a component of complex treatment 
of female genital inflammatory diseases.

Date: 1995