OxyFile #558

Ozonetherapy in Out-Patient Dermatological Practice

Sergei L. Krivatkin, Alexander L. Gromov, Elena V. Krivatkina

Sormovo Interdistrict Dermatovenereological Dispensary
Nizkny Novgorod,


Ozonetherapy being used in different fields of medicine is not 
successfully applied in out-patient dermatological practice.  
Therapeutical results of ozonetherapy in acne, alopecia, drug 
eruptions, eczema, herpes, lichen planus, neurodermitis, prurigo, 
psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, pyoderma, scleroderma, tinea pedis 
and venous leg ulcers, 350 patients in all, are demonstrated.  It is 
estimated that ozonetherapy is effective, safe, inexpensive, easy to 
use, considered that it is worthy to be used in out-patient 
dermatological practice.

Dermatology differs from other clinical disciplines by its various 
capabilities of observing diseases (about 2000 dermatoses), 
considerable percent of chronic diseases and the deficiency of high 
effective therapeutical approaches.  Naturally, the search of new 
promising curative directions is of great importance.

Taking into consideration the broad spectrum of ozone interactions in 
the human body (bactericidal, fungicidal, analgesic, antiinflammatory, 
immunocorrective, microcirculation stimulating, detoxicating, wounds 
healing, etc.) and the positive experience of ozonetherapy (OT) 
application in very different fields of medicine, we decided to use it 
in our out-patient dermatological practice, having some theoretical 
basis and proposing to receive the positive therapeutical results in 
concrete dermatoses.

350 patients suffering from acne and rosacea (n=60) alopecia (17), 
drug eruptions (3), eczema (52), herpes (70), lichen planus (14), 
neurodermitis (22), prurigo (2), psoriasis (27) and psoriatic 
arthritis (8), pyoderma (47), scleroderma (4), tinea pedis (15) and 
venous leg ulcers (10) were included in this study.  Six standard 
forms of OT were used: AHT min, techniques with the use of plastic 
bag, intramuscular injections, ozonized olive oil and water.  The 
first two of them were applied more often: AHT min almost in all the 
patients and plastic bag techniques in the patients with external 
exudative manifestations.  As usual OT was carried out as the only 
therapeutical method or in combination with very simple external 
routine medicines.  Only in neurodermitis, prurigo and psoriatic 
arthritis we consider always worthy to combine OT with other special 
internal treatment.  As a source of O2/O3 mixture the home ozonizer 
was used (concentration of O3 7-20 mcg/ml).  Laboratory control was 
realized by means of available bacteriological, biochemical, clinical, 
immunological and roentgenological examinations.

Date: 1995