OxyFile #556

In vitro and Clinical Examination of the Effect of Ozone/Oxygen Gas 
Mixture on Impression Material on the Oral Microflora

A.W. Brauner

Department of Conservation,
Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry
Dental School of the RWTH Aachen
PauwelsstraBe 30, Aachen


The disinfection of the relatively unstable impression material 
alginate leads to a negative influence on the behavior of the 
material.  The disinfection by ozone oxygen gas mixture would 
eliminate these problems.  The aim of the study was to test the 
antibacterial/antiseptic properties of a gaseous ozone-oxygen mixture 
by use of a screening test in vitro, as well as a clinical 

The diffusion test described by WALLHAUSER gave a negative result.  
The clinical study (impressions were taken of 30 volunteers, the 
impressions were disinfected by ozone oxygen gas mixture) showed no 
bacterial growth.  The control group showed a wide spectrum of 
bacteria.  The accuracy of the impression was investigated by SEM.

Due to its bactericidal effect, ozone-oxygen gas mixture can be 
recommended as a suitable disinfection of the relatively unstable 
alginate impression material.

Date: 1995