OxyFile #555

Ozonetherapy in Ischemic Cardiopathy

Wong, R.[1], Menendez, S.[2], Castaner, J.[1], Perez, P.[1],
Abreu, A.[1]

1. Medical and Surgical Research Center
2. National Center for Scientific Research


In this study we included 16 patients with an ischemic 
coronarysclerotic arteriopathy from the outpatient service of the 
CIMEQ, Cardiology and Internal Medicine Department.

In every patient was carried out enzimatic, hematologic, 
hemochemical, electrocardiographic, ecocardiographic, ergometric 
tests, and x-ray studies, before the treatment with Ozone, repeated 
quarterly, after Ozonetherapy, during a period of 2 years.

The ergometric results show Ozone is useful in the treatment of 
Ischemic Cardiopathy Graphics and tables are exhibited.


1.  The Ozone is useful in the treatment of the ischemic cardiopathy.

2.  The Ozonetherapy produces benefits in the physical fitness to the 
    patients with an ischemic cardiopathy.

3.  Ozonetherapy produces the diminution or disappearance of cardiac 
    arrhythmy in patients with a cardiopathy.

4.  The Ozonetherapy decreases the coronary failure signs in patients 
    with an ischemic cardiopathy.

Date: 1995