OxyFile #552

Ozone Therapy and Magneto Therapy: New Methods for the Rehabilitation 
of Patients with Simple Chronic Glaucoma

S. Menendez, L. Ferrer, and Z. Perez

Ozone Research Center
National Center for Scientific Research
P.O. Box 6880
Havana, Cuba

200 out-patients, suffering from simple chronic glaucoma, in 
different stages of the disease and tonometrically compensated, 
corresponding to Ozone therapy, Magneto therapy and combined 
therapies, were studied.  To all patients, visual acuity, visual 
field, tonometry, slit lamp examination, fondoscopy and visual evoked 
potentials, at the beginning and at the end of treatment, were 
performed.  This study proved the advantages of these treatments, 
even in advanced stage of the disease.

Date: 1995