OxyFile #550

Ozone Therapy in the Functional Recovery from Diseases Involving 
Damage to Central Nervous System Cells

Dr. Gomez Moraleda, M.A.


On the basis of personal experience in preclinical and clinical 
experiments, sets of results are presented, concerning the treatment 
of different groups of subjects suffering from various diseases which 
involve degenerative or ischemic damage of central nervous system 
cells (Senile Dementia, Cerebro vascular Ischemia, Hipoacusia, Optic 
Nerve Dysfunctions, Sequels of Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa and 

Regarding previously mentioned results, some inter-related hypothesis 
are formulated to explain the different effects afforded in 
functional recovery of patients with the ozone therapy.  These are 
based in some of the already known effects of ozone on living cells, 
so as in the cells physiology of those subsystems of the central 
nervous system involved in each disease.

Date: 1995