OxyFile #545

The Influence of the Efferent Ozonotherapy on Pulmonary Functions in 
Norm and Pathology in Experimental Animals

Ye. I. Yakovleva

Nizhny Novgorod Academy of Medicine, Russia


The study on the effect of parenteral infusion of 48 ug/l ozone on the 
lung functions in intact animals and during experimental Adult 
Respiratory Distress Syndrome applying the extracorporal treatment of 
blood with ozone-oxygen mixture (ECTB) and ozonized polyglukin during 
a hemorrhagic shock (HS) revealed improvement of the respiratory 
metabolism (increase in efficiency of pulmonary ventilation -- VO2/V, 
PaO2, Pv-aCO2) and metabolic process activation in the pulmonary 
tissue (glycogenolysis, lactate utilization, pyruvate, palmitate); 
hemopoiesis stimulation, increase of biocidity of polymorphonuclear 
leucocytes.  The ECTB in animals initiated peroxydation of lipids 
(LPO) in the pulmonary tissue that were inhibited on the hydroperoxide 
level, in cases of ARDS -- decreased lipoperoxidation.

Date: 1995