OxyFile #543

TI:  Ozone Therapy Against Viral Diseases

DT:  1995

AU:  Heinz Konrad, M.D.  Sao Paulo, Brazil

AB:  The author is a physician who lives and works in Sao Paulo, 
     Brazil.  He has a ten-year experience with all possible 
     forms of ozone-therapy used to treat the most different 
     diseases.  He published the very first report about the very 
     good results of ozone-therapy for the various forms of 
     herpes and the several forms of viral hepatitis, in Berlin, 
     West-Germany, in 1981.

     At the 6th Ozone World Congress, in Washington, D.C. in 
     1983, he published further results, confirming and expanding 
     his previous experience.  The present paper is a resumee of 
     all this experience in treating herpes and hepatitis with 
     ozone.  The author makes some remarkable comments about what 
     can be expected when treating a herpes or hepatitis patient, 
     about which precautions should be taken, and about which 
     informations the patient needs.  The author also mentions, 
     shortly, his beginning experience with other viral diseases, 
     such as chicken-pox, mumps and influenza.

     Finally the author calls the attention upon the hypothesis 
     that ozone-therapy could be an excellent choice - if not THE 
     choice - for the medical treatment of AIDS (Acquired Immune 
     Deficiency Syndrome), as a curative as well as preventive