OxyFile #542

TI:  Experiences of a Pediatrician Using Ozone as a 
     Chemotherapeutic Agent for the Treatment of Diseases of 

DT:  1983

AU:  Robert A. Mayer, M.D.
     Co-Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, International  
     Hospital, Miami, FL 33169

AB:  2,500 children were treated with ozone administered 
     rectally, IV, intrathecally, locally as intra-articularly 
     and into abscess cavities.  Over 3,000 administrations of 
     ozone were used to treat local and systemic diseases without 
     any side effects or signs of toxicity noted.  Representative 
     case histories of various illnesses are described along with 
     the methods and dosage of ozone administration.  The 
     greatest number of patients treated as well as the most 
     successful results obtained with ozone therapy were in the 
     group of children having diarrheal disease.  Complete 
     recovery with only one rectal insufflation of ozone occurred 
     in over 90% of the patients.