OxyFile #540

TI:  The Efficacy of Ozone Therapy as an Antibiotic

DT:  September 1993

AU:  Hans Georg Eberhardt, Specialist in Family Medicine

AB:  The medical properties of ozone therapy as a monotherapy are 
     identical to those of an antibiotic.  However, ozone differs 
     from the later in three essential respects:

     1.  Even in higher doses, ozone has no negative effects on 
         the inner working of the human body.
     2.  There is no pathogen resistance.
     3.  The ozone operates on a pathogen-independent basis, and 
         that's why it is antibiotically totipotent.

     Clinical observations in conjunction with animal testing 
     have confirmed the hypothesis that it is antibiotics in 
     particular that induce the chronification process during the 
     inflammatory phase.  For this reason, an instrument is 
     urgently required which will reliably perform the 
     therapeutic action of antibiotics without having to suffer 
     the disadvantages.  Ozone therapy means that one such 
     reliable alternative is now available.  Also previously 
     unappreciated is the fact that ozone treatment works in a 
     pathogen-independent fashion since its effect is apparently 
     indirect - i.e. it seems to function almost in a subsidiary 
     way by successfully mobilising the body's own totipotent 
     defenses.  For many years now, the universally anti-
     inflammatory potential of ozone has been closely followed in 
     my practice.  Proven both by clinical method and objective 
     diagnostics, this potential will be demonstrated "ad oculos" 
     using several examples.