OxyFile #533

Medizone International Announces It Will Move Forward With Human 
Clinical Trials

Salt Lake City, UT - October 21, 1997, - Medizone International, 
Inc. ("Medizone") (OTC.BB:MZEI.U) announced today it has reached
an agreement in principle to commence Phase I/II Human Clinical 
Trials at two prestigious Italian University sites using Medizone 
patented "thin-film" ozone technology.  The clinical trials will 
test the safety, toxicity and efficacy of Medizone's patented 
"thin-film" ozone technology against the HIV virus in adults and 

Medizone President and Chief Operating Officer, Milton G. Adair, 
and the Company's Director of Research and Development, Gerard V.
Sunnen, M.D., will travel to Italy the week of November 10, 1997 
to finalize the details of the agreements with Dr. Mariano 
Franzini, Professor at the University of Pavia and President of 
the Italian Scientific Society for Oxygen-Ozone Therapy ("ISSOT") 
who, as required by law, acts as an onsite coordinator.  They will 
also meet with study site coordinators, DRS. Carlo Giaquinto and 
Umberto Tirelli.  Dr. Giaquinto is a Professor at the Departimento 
di Pediatria, Universita di Padova Universita Hospital.  Dr. 
Tirelli serves as Chief, Division of Oncology and AIDS at the 
National Cancer Center, Aviano, Italy. 

Once the final agreements are signed and the protocols approved, 
patient enrollment will begin  It is anticipated that the trials 
will commence during the first quarter of 1998. 

Medizone's Chairman of the Board, Edwin Marshall stated, "I'm 
extremely pleased with the energy and focus of our new management
team.  Moving forward with our research efforts is clearly the 
best use of our financial resources while providing us the 
opportunity to validate the patented Medizone "thin-film" 

Medizone International, Inc., is a research and development stage 
company engaged in the development of an ozone-based treatment for
diseases caused by lipid enveloped viruses, including Acquired 
Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Hepatitis B and Herpes; and in 
the development of its patented technology for the decontamination 
of blood and blood products.  For information, call CTC inc., 
(937) 434-2700 or Medizone International, Inc. (801) 274-8400 or 
visit our web site at www.medizoneint.com.