OxyFile #532

Medizone International Announces Sale of Warrants

Salt Lake City, UT - September 10, 1997, - Medizone International, 
Inc. ("Medizone") (OTC.BB:MZEI.U) announced today that it has 
completed the sale of one-half of the $0.07 warrants authorized by 
the Company's board of directors in June. 

The Sand Dollar Solution acquired the $0.07 warrants, raising 
approximately $525,000.00 for the Company. The Company's Board of
Directors unanimously voted to extend the remaining $0.07 
warrants, which were due to expire September 10, 1997, until the 
Company has completed its audit which is in progress and bring its 
Security Exchange Commission (SEC) filing up-to-date. 

Edwin Marshall, Chairman said, "We are pleased about obtaining the 
first part of this funding. It will allow Medizone to complete its 
move to Salt Lake City where Milton Adair will be taking up the 
role as Chief Executive Officer on a full-time basis. 
Additionally, it provides us with adequate funding to start our 
Italian human trials. Sand Dollar intends to excercise the balance 
of the first warrants upon completion of the audit and SEC 

As part of the Company's restructuring plan announced in June of 
1997, the Medizone board approved the issuing of $11 million of
warrants to Sand Dollar to raise funds for Medizone. The warrants 
are exercisable in three increments with prices set at $0.07, 
$0.15 and $0.20. The first increment should raise just over $1 
million. The second increment of warrants expire June 12, 1999 and 
should raise an additional $5 million for the Company.