OxyFile #530

Medizone International Announces Restructuring

Salt Lake City, UT - June 18, 1997 - Medizone International, Inc. 
("Medizone") (OTC.BB:MZEI.U) announced today that its Board of 
Directors has approved all of the resolutions proposed by a proxy 
sent to shareholders of record on May 20, 1997 by the Sand Dollar 
Solution, a California limited partnership formed by Medizone 
shareholder Edwin G. Marshall. The board voted to appoint the four 
new directors (Milton G. Adair, William Hitt, Ph.D., M.D., Edwin 
G. Marshall and Gerard V. Sunnen, M.D.) proposed by the proxy 
after indications that shareholders are overwhelmingly in favor of 
the proxy proposals, which recommended to shareholders that: 

(1) The four new board members be elected 

(2) Authorization be given for Sand Dollar to receive warrants to 
purchase up to $11 million in common stock to be used to raise 
funds for Medizone International. 

(3) Joseph Latino be removed as president, chief executive officer 
and chairman of the Company. 


Dr. Joseph S. Latino was terminated as Medizone's president, chief 
executive officer and chairman by the old board on May 14, 1997,
but, in accordance with the Corporation's by-laws, he remained a 
member of the Medizone Board of Directors. The first action of the
newly elected board was to request Dr. Latino's resignation as a 
board member, which he declined. Action is intended to be taken to
ensure his removal. 

Replacing Latino as president and full-time chief executive 
officer is Milton G. Adair (64) who brings over 30 years 
experience in the biomedical field. Prior to joining Medizone, 
Adair was president and chief executive officer of Biomune Systems 
(NASDAQ: BIME), an international company specializing in 
nutritional AIDS products. He held this position since January 
1996. From September 1991 to January 1996, Adair was president and 
chief executive officer of Gull Laboratories (AMEX: GUL), an 
international diagnostic company with a primary focus in the 
infectious disease market. Adair had also served as president and 
chief executive officer of Mountain Medical Equipment Company and 
Orbit Medical Systems (a venture company in immunochemistry) as 
well as serving as an FDA Liaison Officer to ensure compliance on 
new drug applications and labeling. 

"In order for us to be successful in turning this situation 
around, we knew we had to recruit a leader in the industry to take 
the helm at Medizone," said Edwin G. Marshall, new chairman of the 
board. "We are very fortunate to have found such a leader in 
Milton Adair whose proven track record speaks for itself and who 
will provide Medizone invaluable knowledge and experience." 

Adair; Hitt M.D., Ph.D.; Marshall, and Sunnen, M.D. were 
apppointed to the board and John Pealer and George Handel, who 
both fully supported the changes, then resigned. Edwin Marshall 
was elected chairman and Gerard Sunnen, M.D. was made responsible 
for establishing a new scientific advisory board and renewing 
working relationships with the Italian scientific investigators. 

Edwin G. Marshall (54) is a private investor with a broad business 
background who has focused his attention on Medizone's need for
redirection in order to successfully achieve its scientific 
objectives, through the Sand Dollar Solution. Dr. William Hitt 
(70) was a former instructor of immunology at John Hopkins and 
Louisiana State Universities. He is also a long time member of the 
World Health Organization, the recipient of the Eli Lily award for 
his discovery and report of new anaerobic species of mycoplasma, 
and has received the Leeuwenhoek Award of France, the Cientifico 
Destacado of Mexico, the Bioethics International Award of Merit, 
and as a director of Physicians against Nuclear War, was awarded 
the Nobel Peace Prize with this group. He founded the Allergy 
Control Group in Dallas, Texas and the Micro Allergy Clinic in 
Houston, Texas and there are currently seven William Hitt centers 
internationally. Dr. Gerard Sunnen (54), a former Air Force 
physician, is currently a practicing clinical psychiatrist and 
psychopharmacologist in private practice in New Jersey. He has 
authored a number of articles, Ozone in Medicine: Overview and 
Future Directions, in the Journal of Advancement in Medicine. 
During the transition phase Kenneth Gropper will remain on the 
Board and continue to provide operating support to the Company as 
chief operating officer reporting to Milton Adair. 


The Medizone Board also approved the issuing of $11 million of 
warrants to Sand Dollar to raise funds as specified in the proxy
solicitation. The warrants will be issued in three increments of 
$0.07, $0.15, and $0.20 with a median price of $0.15. The company
expects Sand Dollar Solution to exercise the $0.07 warrants in the 
near future because they expire in 90 days. 


The new management has started a full review of all aspects of the 
Company's operation and scientific potential and will reopen
discussions with those the Company has previously worked with 
including the Canadian Department of National Defense and their
research contractors, potential commercial and/or scientific 
allies or competitors and relevant government agencies. 
Specifically addressing four key points of development for the 

      Key Italian research principals have responded positively
      to the management changes and redirection and progress
      for the proposed human therapeutic trials in HIV/AIDS and
      Hepatitis B at five Italian University base sites is moving

      The agreement between Medizone and JRH Biosciences announced
      April 22, 1997 to develop commercial treatment of bovine
      serum using Medizone technology will go forward.

      Discussions are under way with a significant world producer
      of veterinarian based products.

The Company's new management and officers are commited to pursue 
all avenues to bring Medizone science to commercial utilization
as quickly as possible. 


The Company will be relocated to Research Park, owned by the 
University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Research Park is recognized 
as one of the leading biotech and medical centers in the country. 
Milton Adair will be sending to shareholders additional 
information on the site of the new corporate headquarters, along 
with a progress report on Medizone within 45 days following the 

"All of us, shareholders, management and investors in Medizone, 
were attracted to this Company because of its compelling science; 
that has not changed", said Edwin G. Marshall, Medizone's newly 
elected Chairman and managing partner of Sand Dollar Solution. 
"Good things do not always come easily, and this has certainly 
been the case with Medizone. One constant has remained however, 
the ability of Medizone's patented Thin Film/Ozone technology to 
inactivate lipid enveloped viruses without major concern relative 
to toxicity issues. I believe the board and management changes, 
combined with the proposed funding through Sand Dollar, will give 
the shareholders the opportunity to take great pride in their 
Company in the very near future. 

Medizone is developing the utilization of Thin Film technology in 
the application of ozone for the decontamination of blood and 
blood products as well as for therapeutic treatment of certain 
diseases caused by lipid enveloped viruses, including Aquired 
Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Hepatitis B, Herpes, and Epstein 
Barr. Medizone is a development stage company. 

Except for historical information, matters discussed in this press 
release are forward-looking statements that involve risks and
uncertainties, and actual results may be materially different. 
Factors that could cause actual results to differ include: risks 
associated with aquiring, developing and testing new products and 
technologies; unfavorable results in clinical trials; failure to 
identify and enroll patients meeting clinical criteria; additional 
testing required by regulatory authorities; failure to gain 
regulatory approvals; development of alternative therapies by 
competitors; availability of additional funding; and levels of 
resources devoted by the Company to the development of its 
manufacturing and marketing capabilities.