OxyFile #525


Water Action of Chlorine and Ozone Comparison Chart

By Tom Harrelson

Reprinted with Permission

                                 CHLORINE              OZONE

Oxidation Potential (Volts)        1.36                2.07

Bacteria                           Good              Excellent
Viruses                            Good              Excellent

Carcinogen Formation               Likely            Unlikely

Organics Oxidation                 Moderate          High

Microflocculation                  None              Moderate

pH Effect                          Variable          Lowers

Water Half Life                    2-3 hours         20 min.

Operation Hazards-
Toxicity                           High              Moderate
Complexity                         Low               High

Air Pretreatment                   None              Dehumidify

OZONE Fact Sheet No. 1-H2O>1/97