OxyFile #524

The Uses and Advantages of Ozone

By Tom Harrelson

Reprinted with Permission

The following list shows most of the uses of OZONE, involving air, 
water, food, and the body.

acetone, ammonia, arsenic, asbestos, bacteria, benzene, carbon 
monoxide, chlorine, chloroform, cooking odors, cyanide, dander, 
dust, fingernail polish, fingernail polish remover, fish odor, 
formaldehyde, fungi, hair dyes, hair permanents, hair sprays, 
hydrogen sulfide, methane, mildew, mites, molds, musty odors, 
nitrates, paint, pet odors, phenols, phosphates, pollen, radon 
gas, smoke, static electricity, sulfur dioxide, trichlorethane, 
viruses, yeast, bad odors in the air, and chemical outgassing from 
building & furnishing materials, plus anything else that may apply 
that is on one of the other lists.

detergents, oils, pesticides, shampoos, algae, cysts, nematodes, 
parasites, protozoa, cadmium, calcium, chromium, iron, lead, 
magnesium, manganese, mercury, and bad tastes in the water, plus 
anything else that may apply that is on one of the other lists.

inorganic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, plus anything 
else that may apply that is on one of the other lists.

toxins, wastes, drugs, antibiotics, excessive minerals, and heavy 
metals, plus anything else that may apply that is on one of the 
other lists.  NOTE:  Since the body is mostly water (70-80%), and 
since Ozone is used primarily throughout the world (3000+ cities) 
to neutralize and eliminate any chemicals or pathogens in the 
their water supply, then it stands to reason that Ozone will also 
do the same for the water in your body, thus helping your body to 
clean and then heal itself more efficiently.

The following list shows most of the advantages of OZONE, 
involving homes, autos, RVs, boats, motels, hotels, laundries, 
businesses, schools, clinics, hospitals, institutions, 
restaurants, kennels, and recreational places:

* is GOD-given and has a fresh clean wholesome smell.

* is a natural, organic, environmentally-safe gas and the 
  strongest oxidizer safe-to-use.

* can be used anywhere germs, odors, and/or toxic contaminants 
  need to be eliminated.

* produces NO pollutants, cleaning product odors, perfume odors, 
  and waste by-products.

* can provide continuous disinfection, sanitation, and protection 
  for bedding, counter-tops, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, 
  hot-tubs, spas, fountains, whirlpools, ponds, wading pools, 
  holding tanks, and litter boxes.

* can be produced by equipment that is portable, easy-to-install, 
  and user-friendly.

* requires NO cleanup, handling of hazardous chemicals, and 
  purchase of chemicals ever.

* is produced by equipment with a LOW purchase price, maintenance, 
  and cost of operation.

OZONE Fact Sheet No. 3-Gen.>11/96