OxyFile #517

Medizone International Announces an Agreement with JRH Biosciences 
to Develop Commercial Treatment of Bovine Serum

NEW YORK CITY - April 22, 1997 - Medizone International, Inc. 
("Medizone") (OTC.BB:MZEI.U) announced today that it has entered 
into an agreement with JRH Biosciences, headquartered in Lenexa, 
Kansas, a CSL Limited Company. The purpose of the agreement is to 
investigate, develop, and ultimately license Medizone's patented 
viral decontamination process specifically for the treatment of 
bovine serum. JRH Biosciences is a global supplier of sera and 
cell culture media products to biotech and biopharmaceutical 

This agreement, which will be implemented at the JRH Biosciences 
facility in Lenexa, Kansas, is structured in a three-tier program: 

1) validate that Medizone's decontamination process inactivates 
pathogens while maintaining the biological characteristics of the 
treated serum; 
2) "scale-up" a device that delivers Medizone's process and 
accommodates commercial volumes of biological fluids; and 
3) commercially license Medizone's technology for this 

Dr. Joseph S. Latino, Medizone's President, said, "This agreement 
marks a highly significant step for us, the first potential 
commercial application of Medizone's patented technology, and 
could lead to a revenue stream for the Company. The scientific 
acknowledgement and partnership with a worldwide leader in the 
field of bovine serum production should eventually lead to the 
Company's transformation from a research and development company 
to a commercial entity."

The preliminary groundwork for the agreement with JRH Biosciences 
was developed through Medizone's subsidiary, Medizone New Zealand 
Ltd. (MNZL), therefore revenues derived from the licensing of 
Medizone's technology will be distributed as described in both 
licensing and managing agent agreements between Medizone and MNZL.

Medizone is developing Medizone, an ozone-based treatment for 
diseases caused by lipid enveloped viruses, including Acquired 
Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Hepatitis B, and Herpes; and is 
also developing its patented technology for the decontamination of 
blood and blood products.