OxyFile #515

Treatment of Primary Pioderma with Ozonized Sunflower Oil

R. Alvarez, S.MenÚndez(1), M.Peguera, J.Turrent(1).

General Teaching Hospital Comandante Pinares, Cuba.
1 - Ozone Research Center, Cuba.

Taking into consideration the germicide properties of the ozonized 
sunflower oil (OLEOZON), it was decided to make an investigation 
in 80 children between 1 and 14 year old, with the main objective 
of evaluating the effectiveness of the OLEOZON in primary 
pyoderma, comparing this with Gentamycin cream. The investigation 
was carried out  in areas of health of the general Teaching  
Hospital "Comandante Pinares ", San Cristobal , Pinar del Rio , 
lasting 6 months. Patients were randomly assigned to both group of 
treatment; experimental (using OLEOZON) and control (using 
Gentamyicin) .To all patients bacteriological studies were done, 
at the beginning and after 15 days of treatment. The results 
demonstrated that the most frequent isolated  germ was the 
Streptococcus  haemolytic of group A. Healing effectiveness after 
15 days of treatment, was 68 % for the OLEOZON and 28 % in those 
patients where Gentamycin was used. No side effect were observed.  

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.