OxyFile #508

Application of Ozonized Oil in the Treatment of Alveolitis

O. Cruz, S. Menéndez(1), M. E. Martínez(2), T. Clavera(2).

"Elpidio Berovides" Educational Polyclinic Center, Cuba.
1 - Ozone Research Center, Cuba.
2 - Siboney Stomatological Clinic, Cuba.

Septical alveolitis or septical osteitis of the alveolar cavity, 
after extraction is the most frequent and painful complication of 
exodontia. It can developed, at the third or fourth post surgical 
day and it is characterized by a deep pain and necrotic odor. The 
etiology of the alveolitis is unknown, but the following facts 
increase its incidence: traumatisms, infections, vascular supply 
decrease in the surrounding bone and general systemic conditions. 
The etiology can be related to an inappropriate nutrition of the 
clot formed in the alveolus. Thanks to the germicide action of 
OLEOZON, just as its oxygenant power, that favors the tissue 
regeneration, this ozonized oil was applied in the treatment of 
alveolitis. 100 adult patients, divided at random, in two groups 
of 50 patients, were studied. To all patients, before treatments, 
saline solution for removing all rest of necrotic clot and/or 
inappropriate contents, was gently irrigated into the alveolar 
cavity and carefully dried with sterile swabs. Experimental group 
was covered, daily, with OLEOZON. Control group was treated 
locally with Alvogil, also daily, in addition to oral antibiotics. 
Cured was made every 72 hours and as many medical inspection as 
they need. Healing criterion was done, taking into account, the 
formation of cicatrization tissue and pain relief. Diabetes 
Mellitus and traumatic extractions were the factors that more 
favor the alveolitis appearance. In patients treated with OLEOZON 
and Alvogil, 92 % and 58 % of cured patients, respectively, were 
achieved, in 2 or 3 visits, with statistical significant 
differences between them. In OLEOZON group, 8 % needed 4 to 6 
visits in order to complete their treatment and with Alvogil the 
number of patients represented 42 % Patients treated with OLEOZON 
cured faster than the patients treated with Alvogil with 
statistical significant differences. OLEOZON was well tolerated by 
patients, without any side effect. OLEOZON can be considered as an 
effective medication in the alveolitis treatment.

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.