OxyFile #503


Oxygen-Ozone Therapy and Omotoxicology Drug in Gonarthrosis

L. Cursio, G.Menaldo.

Unite Research of Global Medicine, I. P. O. G. Turin, Italy.

Gonarthrosis is a disease found more frequently  in females 
ranging 2.1. Some authors maintain that this degenerative 
arthropathy is the most common kind of arthrosis. It is normally  
a bilateral condition although at its outset it present 
monoarticular symptoms. Traumas, congenital malformations (like: 
genu-valgum and genu-varum) and  circulatory affections and 
meniscus alterations are the most frequently found causes of this 
diseases. Symptoms: pain seems to be unrelated and spontaneous and 
it can increase when walking, but mostly when going downstairs; 
the joint movements are reduced and can be painful when pressure 
is applied to the inner side of the joint. We have looked for a 
combined treatment with oxygen-ozone on the acupuncture points and 
homotoxicology substances such as: cimicifuga, colocynthis, 
arnica, belladonna . A mixture of oxygen-ozone (15 mL in all), 
whose concentration was 30 (g/mL, has been injected into the 
inter-joint space and around it (periarticulation). The patient 
felt a slight burning sensation which disappeared few minutes 
after the injection. The homotoxicology substances were thus 
given: arnica and cimicifuga by us, colocynthis or colocynthis 
belladonna by subcutaneous route around the joint. The number of 
patients treated for this case study were 48, between 43 and 62 
years of age. Symptoms improved rapidly (after only 3-4 
treatments) and night pain was greatly reduced  and so was the 
swelling with a return of joint functions. The total number of 
treatments for patients was from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 
15, being space twice weekly first and weekly afterwards. Only 5 
patients did not have a satisfactory outcome, due to their lack of 
cooperation.  It is concluded that although some patients did not 
have a total remission of the pain, nevertheless they had the 
great advantage of not having night pain anymore, a more 
confortable sleep, less swelling and improved joint movement. 

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.