OxyFile #502

A Solution for Post-Traumatic Osteal Expositions: Association of 
Greater Omentum Graft with Ozone Therapy

J. C. Escarpanter.

"Comandante Pinares" General Hospital, San Cristobal, Cuba.

Due to  the frequency of injuries with postraumatic osteal 
exposition of the limbs, it is reported the use of greater omentum 
in association with ozone therapy, as a practical solution to 
correct these defects, with exposition of the fracture focus and 
in the presence or not of local infection. It is demonstrated that 
with the association of these methods, healing time may be 
shortened, due to the early appearance of granulation tissue, even 
on osteal surfaces and a decrease in the inflammatory signs in a 
septic medium, with no signs of biological rejection. Also, 
wasting material, anesthetics, drugs, and stay length may be 
saved, taking the graft from patients operated of puerperal 
ligatures, previous acceptation of donors and recipient. The graft 
implantation is performed with local anesthesia and there is no 
previous preparation of the injured patient. It is fixed with 
alternative sutures, its cost is very low and the patients feels 
highly satisfied. It is concluded that the association of greater 
omentum graft with ozone therapy offers a good alternative 
therapeutic in the treatment of this disease.

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.