OxyFile #485

Ozonation of Model Compounds in Stirred Tank Reactor

L.A. Fernández, C. Alvarez, D. Jardines, P. Alvarez(1), Ch. 

Ozone Research Center, Cuba.
1 - Chemical Engineering and Energetic Deparment. Extremadura 
    University, Badajoz Spain.

The reaction of ozone with water solutions of cinnamic and 
crotonic acids in a 1 500 mL stirred tank reactor has been studied 
under different conditions of pH, temperature and concentration of 
reactant. The mass transfer study  has been focused from the point 
of view of the film theory. The kinetic regime of absorption was 
found to be fast. In both systems, secondary reactions of the 
products with ozone, as well as the ozone radical decomposition at 
pH 7 were detected.

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.