OxyFile #481

Urinary Organic Acid Profile of Rats Treated Orally with Oleozon

D. Jardines, Z. Zamora, T. Correa1, A. Rosado(1), J. Molerio.

Ozone Research Center, Cuba.
1 - National Scientific Research Center, Cuba.

The OLEOZON (ozonized sunflower oil) is a drug produced in the 
Ozone Research Center. Taking into account its great germicidal 
power, it is very useful in the treatment of bucal illness 
(gingivostomatitis), skin lesions and in the giardiasis. The main 
products in the ozonolysis of sunflower oil are hydroxycompounds 
and acids that can be found in different biological fluids. The 
study of biological fluid chromatography profiles can give us new 
information about the biochemical reactions that take place in the 
organism. The aim of this work is to study the organic acid  
excretion in urine of rats treated with OLEOZON using the gas 
chromatography/mass spectrometry tectonics. Significant 
differences (p<0.01) respect to the organic acid excretion in urine
of rat without treatment were found. increased amounts of dicarboxylic
acids are pimelic, azelaic and octenedioic. azelaic acid is recognized
as anti-comedogenic and anti viral agent, also antifibrinolytic in melanoma
cell cancer. it is possible that this acid would be one of the active principles
of the oleozon. further research will be necessary to prove this hypothesis.
source: 2nd international symposium on ozone applications havana, cuba
- mach 24-26, 1997.