OxyFile #476

Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis

B. Conde, M. Casas, M. Delgado, F. Ramos.

Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.

We have been using ozone therapy, during 5 years, in 200 patients 
with different types of arthritis, for example: lumbar arthritis, 
generalized arthrosis, hiposteoarthritis, knee arthrosis. In our 
group of patients, 60 % female and 40 % of male were present (80 % 
with more than 40 years old). Three groups of treatment were 
considered: group I , using ozone therapy alone; group II, ozone 
therapy plus medication (antinflamatory and/or analgesics drugs) 
and group III, ozone therapy plus medication and physiotherapy. In 
general. 85 % of improvement was obtained.

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.