OxyFile #469

Ozone Therapy in Dermatoses: Pyoderma

S.L. Krivatkin, E.V. Krivatkina.

Sormovo Interdistric Dermatovenereological Dispensary, Nizhny 
Novgorod, Russia.

Ozone is one of a new therapeutic agents being used in 
dermatology. In a recent test, 64 patients  (41 men and 23 women 
aged 15-64) suffering from different forms of pyoderma (ecthyma-6, 
erysipelas-1, furunculosis-18, hidradenitis-2, impetigo-29 and 
sycosis barbae-8) received ozone therapy (OT). Two of its standard 
forms were applied: autohemotherapy minor  (AHT min, intramuscular 
injections of 10 mL 02/03 mixture in 5 ml of autoblood) and 
techniques with the use of a plastic bag. As a source of 02/03 
mixture the ozonizer was used. The concentration of ozone was 7-20 
g/ml. Along with OT most of the patients used traditional 
ointments. Clinical recovery was achieved in 51 patients, 
considerable improvement in 10, improvement in 1 and no positive 
results in 2 patients. These data compared with the results of the 
previous traditional treatment (ex. systemic antibiotics) in the 
same 20 patients showed a better and quicker improvement in most 
of them. Ozone therapy was well tolerated. It is safe to say that 
among the advantages of OT there are good tolerance, as well as 
the possibility of use in patients with candidiasis and 
intolerance to antibiotics, absence of pathogen resistance and 
relative inexpensiveness. Howerver at this time, OT can not  
ensure quick results in severe pyoderma (ecthyma, etc.) when 
systemic antibiotics can. Thus ozone therapy is an effective, safe 
and inexpensive approach to the treatment of pyoderma, it is 
worthy to be used.

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.