OxyFile #468

Subcutaneous Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Simplex Herpes

J. Delgado, R. Wong, C. P. Regalado(1), A. Noriega.

Medical and Surgical Resarch Center, Cuba.
1 - Carlos J. Finlay Hospital, Cuba.

Simplex herpes is a skin disease of viral etiology of difficult 
treatment because its recurrence, and its repeated out breaks, 
with lesion of erythema and vesicles, aggregated in clusters; and 
symptoms like burn and prurito. After the three first days, the 
virus penetrates into the groups of ganglious near the lesion. It 
makes very difficult the recovery with the traditional treatment, 
because of the frequent recurrence. The treatment with 
subcutaneous ozone has avoided the relapses with positive results. 
The research was made in a group of 84 patients with simplex 
herpes localized in the genitals, lips and gluteals. It has not 
been reported the antiviral effect of ozone in this pathology by a 
subcutaneous way . This make the treatment very new and safe.

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.