OxyFile #463

Therapeutic Approach with Allotropic Oxygen Insuflation and 
Acupuncture in Infertility and in F.I.V.E.T. - A Hypothesis

G. Menaldo, M. Sodano, A. Meluzzi.

Institute of Psychosomatic Obstetric and Gynecology of Turin, 

In the western world, 20 to 25 % of all couples in reproductive 
age appear to have reproductive problems In our fertility and 
F.I.V.E.T. Centrally, we deal with infertility problems both with 
allopathic and natural medicine, the latter having a global 
approach. The combination of both seems to avoid multiple 
pregnancies and syndrome of ovaric hyperstimulation. We designed 
therapeutic protocols which make use of acupuncture points in 
order to obtain an appropriate ovulation . The stimulation of 4MP, 
30S, 4VC points, in the ninth day of the menstrual cycle, cause a 
better blood perfusion of uterus and a better endometrium 
trophism. The use of allotropic oxygen in F.I.V.E.T technique 
seems to bring definite advantages both for reducing FSH dosage 
administration and in better preparing the endometrium, improving 
thus the change of implantation and inidation, real problem of 
failure in F.I.V.E.T. Much interesting has taken place around the 
rectal insufflation of allotropic oxygen before embryo-transfer. 
It  seems that from the first trials of these procedures of Global 
Medicine, without side effect, may bring better result. We are 
waiting  to have a wider numbers of cases and to better study the 
biological and clinical researches. 

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.