OxyFile #458

Dynamics of Histaminopexia and Serotoninopexia in Neurodermatis 
Patients During Ozone Therapy

O. Bitkina.

Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Russia.

It is known that small doses of ozone  lead to selective oxidation 
of the aminoacids. Sulfur contained and aromatic aminoacids are 
most sensitive to ozone activity.  Particularly during ozone 
influence histidine (predecessor of histamine) level is 
decreasing. The increase of biogenous amines in the acute stage 
with heritable deficit of the plasmopexic fractions 
(histaminopexia and serotoninopexia). Ozone therapy by means of 
minor autohemo-ozone therapy and rectal insuflactions was used for 
treating 60 neurodermatitis patients, 27 male and 33 female 
persons. Patients were from 9 to 35 years of age, 21.8 years in 
average. The disease lasted from 1 to 35 years ((18.7 years in 
average). The study of histaminopexic index (HPI) and 
serotoninopexic index (SPI) was made before ozone therapy course, 
the 2nd test was performed in 10 to 14 days of monoozone therapy 
and the 3rd test after the complex treatment which included 
traditional aids. 32 patients (53 %) demonstrated clinical 
remission, 27 (45 %) significant improvement and 1 patients (2 %) 
had small improvement. Initial HPI level is not significant high 
than control group data (19.49  7.04 %, the normal is 16.4  1.1 
%). After 10-14 days of the monoozone therapy, HPI was increased 
to 30.33  7.12 %. After the treatment HPI was decreased to 9.86  
3.69 %. Initial SPI level was 19.84  1.59 % (the normal is 21.2 
2.8 %). In neurodermatitis, complicated by eczema, SPI level 
(13.49  2.33 %) was significantly lower than in general group 
data (p-0.05). After 10-14 days of the monoozone therapy SPI was 
increased  to 21.12  1.59 %. After the complex treatment SPI was 
decreased to 18.26  1.29 %. Generally SPI dynamics was like to 
HPI activity changes. During ozone treatment histaminopexic and 
serotoninopexic plasma activity increased. Decrease of that data 
after the treatment may be  explained by elimination of connected 
histamine and serotonine from organism.

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.