OxyFile #454

Clinical Evaluation of a New Ozone Therapy Method

S. Alekhina, G. Pigalova, S. Peretyagin, C. Kontorschikova.

"Medozons" Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.

The aim of the work was to evaluate the efficiency of a new ozone 
therapy method - infusion of ozonated blood into biologically 
active points: 43/x+ -sya -si, 2./x11- sin -tzyan, 44/111 -nei -
tik, 3/IV - tai - bai. These points were chosen due to their 
function, in Chinese medicine their stimulation brings the 
decrease of LP levels and normalization of microcirculatory bed 
indexes. The method was tested on 31 patients with II B-III stage 
of obliterating atherosclerosis of lower extremities. Every 
patient underwent 6-8 procedures with single ozone dose of 100 g. 
After the 1-2 procedures the patients stated they felt worse, 
while after the 3-4 procedures a positive dynamics was noted in 
the course of the disease, revealed in a longer walking distance, 
less leg-aches, improvement of lower extremity arteries pulse, 
increase of ankle index. Biochemical findings showed reduction in 
total cholesterol and -lipoproteins. Chemiluminescence of blood 
plasma demonstrated activation of general antioxidant blood system 
and weakened tendency to LP intensification. In comparison with 
control group, the infusion of ozonated blood into biologically 
active points produces a more profound stimulating  affect than a 
traditional acupuncture. The observed ozone effect can be 
explained by activation of oxygen-dependent processes, including -
oxidation of lipids. They lead to formation of macroergic ATP and 
NADH 2 molecules that are known to be protons donors to restore 
oxidised components of antioxidant system. As a result it comes to 
normalization of LP processes, adhesive and aggregation 
erythrocytes and thrombocytes properties, improvement of 
rheological blood data. Thus, there has been proved the 
possibility to enlarge the range of low ozone concentrations to be 
infused in a form of ozonated blood into biologically active 

Source: 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications
        Havana, Cuba - Mach 24-26, 1997.